Sunday, May 08, 2016

In Shower Makeup Remover by Nivea

I have noticed that many of my posts start with my absence and how long has it been since i posted last...well this time i shall not do that! Good thing is i was away for good reasons and just lack of time and even better is that during this time i tried several things that i want to talk to you about in future posts! So for today i want you to meet a new product i tested a bit more than a month...the In Shower Makeup Remover by Nivea.

I am generally really font of in shower products because let's face it i am lazy and want to be able to take a shower and in there wash my hair, remove my makeup, do my facial routine, get a nice glow in my body (have you heard about the in shower browning products??my next stop for sure!!) and even apply body cream...yeap that's me the person that could do anything in the shower while water is running and after 15 minutes i am ready! So of course purchasing the In Shower Makeup Remover by Nivea was inevitable when i noticed it in the beauty shop but let's say it wasn't exactly as i expected it...