Sunday, December 13, 2015

The Bag of Empties Volume 6!

It is Sunday evening, i am sitting in my small couch at home drinking hot chocolate flavored with caramel and vanilla, listening to 90s music (i cannot help it i am a 90s girl!) and writing my next post...that is what i call a nice, relaxing Sunday! 
So for my next post lets check what is inside my empties bag!

Hair Products

1) Essence Ultime Blonde Deluxe by Schwarzkopf : a nice hair shampoo for blond hair with citrus extract and oil. I liked how it made my hair shine and it preserved my blond highlights for quite a while so i will definitely repurchase it.  

2) Guhl Blond Hair Conditioner : it is the second time i bought the specific conditioner because i like how it leaves my hair smooth and silk but it didn't really help me with my blond highlights so i recommend it more like a general conditioner. It is a bit expensive so i tend to buy it once in a while.

3) Elseve Color Vive Conditioner by L'Oreal : this is a favorite conditioner for colored hair. I like it because it doesn't feel heavy after application and it keeps my highlights alive for a while. I keep buying this one several times and i always have a bottle of it and the shampoo from the same line.

Body Products

4) Dove Silk Glow Body Wash : creamy, with a silk touch and a very soothing scent you cannot go wrong with this body wash or any others from Dove. I have been a fun for several years and i consider them great products in great prices. The silk glow is a neutral one which just hydrates your body and keeps it smooth and soft all day long! 

5) Balea Tropical Sunshine : this is a cheap shower gel from Balea, a german brand that i started using once i moved to Switzerland and i purchase every time i go to Germany for shopping. In general i like Balea products (check here) this one with orange and mango scent was a bit strong for my taste. I like its texture and how well it feels after using it but i couldn't really cope with the smell, too tropical for my taste. Although i will continue buying more products from Balea, this one i will skip it.

6) Kneipp Natural Shower Gels Beauty Ritual and I Unique: i have made a detailed review on those two products a while ago (check here for more info) and i really enjoyed them! Kneipp is a Swiss brand that i found out when i moved here and i will definitely go back and purchase more of their products! 

Make up Products

7) Sephora Mattifying Compact Powder : i bought that one a while ago and it was the powder i kept using almost every day and still it took a while to finish. I liked the coverage that provided and how it made my skin look smooth while it was staying in place for all day. Now that i am searching of another powder i am going back to sephora and that will be among my choices.

8) Nyx Nude Made Shadow : although Nyx products are middle price here in Switzerland, when there are sales it's a good time to get them in normal prices. I got this eye shadow several months ago and it was my favorite for everyday use. It was a nice nude matte color that worked perfectly by itself or as a base and i was happily using it until close to the end it just broke during transferring. I will try and get some more of Nyx eye shadows since their performance is just amazing, they are pigmented and stay on all day!

9) Miss Manga Voluminous by L'Oreal : one of the drugstore products that you i loved and brought back from USA. How much i liked it i have explained it in detail in a previous post here and i think it is just a right everyday mascara that won't hurt your wallet!

Face Product

10) Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser : i think you know how much i adore this product and if you don't check my post here ! I just have pure love for this cleanser, i tried to squeeze out every single last drop (as you can tell from the bottle) and once it was over (i bought that in April and used it at least 6 days a week) i just went and bought the next bottle. I cannot change it, i need it at all times around me and my skin loves it as much!

Those were the products on my Bag of Empties from the last months. Let me know if you know any of them and what did you use mostly and finished recently!

Looking forward to your comments and till next time stay beautiful and happy!

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