Saturday, November 07, 2015

Maybelline Color Elixir: the lipstick sensation

Hello hello my beautiful followers,

this blog turned 2 years old some days ago!!!! I cannot believe how fast time has been 2 years since my first attempt to write a post and i still remember how scared i was...but now everything goes smoothly! I still feel bad that i don't have the luxury of time to write everyday in it but i am very happy that i managed to do something aside from the science life and explore a new world! And i hope that the next years i will be more and more able to continue writing here about Just a bit of all and meet more of you! 

So i wanted to throw a nice giveaway (my first one!) for the 2 year anniversary but i was away for work reasons the last days and didn't get the chance to put something nice together! For the celebration i will just post a small vegan cupcake a colleague of mine made and it was delicious! But, i have nice things coming up for you during Christmas and i have already started putting ideas together for my Christmas giveaways so more information to follow soon (and i will make the first giveaway my late-blog-birthday present!).

To beauty talk i wanted to talk to you about the Maybelline Color Elixir lipsticks that i have been in love with the last month...Let's dig in shall we?

I am not a lipstick fan, i usually am afraid to wear them and i am not used to having color in my lips that much...i have a small lipstick collection with basic colors but i tend to forget them or only wear them when i go out at night! And i go mostly for colorless lip balms or lip gloss with a touch of light color. But as i was browsing through the Maybelline webpage a while ago and tried to make a small list of things i want my boyfriend to bring me back from his USA trip, i couldn't resist to throw some lipsticks from the Color Elixir line so that i try something new! And now i am hypnotized...

I got two different colors, the Nude Illusion (060), a nice warm color for my morning beauty routine or when i want to have less attention in my lips and the Mauve Mystique (025), a not so dark but so perfect purple lipstick for a dark winter make up.  

                           Mauve Mystique (025)                                    Nude Illusion (060)

 What i like in those two, apart from their nice color is the easy application with the small and smoothing ancora brush and the fact that they are really moisturizing. I have dry lips and i tend to loose the color easily but with the Color Elixir lipsticks i can wear them for several hours and still have the color in my lips. They are really concentrated so a small amount is enough for a light shade and a bit more for bold, color lips. They are not completely matte but they have a light glow that makes your lips look irresistible.

I have paired them with my Essence Cosmetics Lip Liners in shades In The Nude (11) and Satin Mauve (06) that i already have in my beauty collection and i can create the perfect lip make up in minutes! 

                                  Lipstick shades                                                   Lipliners

I know the Color Sensational lines from Maybelline and in fact the only red lipstick i owe (not so comfy to have bold,red lips but i am getting there) is from it and i really like them! So getting those two was just a perfect addition to my small collection and a small step towards me conquering the world of lipsticks! From the day i got them i wear them constantly and i started feeling much more comfortable, so i guess in short time i will acquire even more from the collection!

If you want to learn more about the shades of the Maybelline Color Elixir line (there are 20 available!!) or any other Maybelline products, which i am personally fun of, the visit their website here or a Maybelline stand next to you! And let yourself "fall under the spell of elixir"!  

Hope you enjoyed my post and take care till next time! And wear your lipstick bravely like me!

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