Saturday, November 07, 2015

Maybelline Color Elixir: the lipstick sensation

Hello hello my beautiful followers,

this blog turned 2 years old some days ago!!!! I cannot believe how fast time has been 2 years since my first attempt to write a post and i still remember how scared i was...but now everything goes smoothly! I still feel bad that i don't have the luxury of time to write everyday in it but i am very happy that i managed to do something aside from the science life and explore a new world! And i hope that the next years i will be more and more able to continue writing here about Just a bit of all and meet more of you! 

So i wanted to throw a nice giveaway (my first one!) for the 2 year anniversary but i was away for work reasons the last days and didn't get the chance to put something nice together! For the celebration i will just post a small vegan cupcake a colleague of mine made and it was delicious! But, i have nice things coming up for you during Christmas and i have already started putting ideas together for my Christmas giveaways so more information to follow soon (and i will make the first giveaway my late-blog-birthday present!).

To beauty talk i wanted to talk to you about the Maybelline Color Elixir lipsticks that i have been in love with the last month...Let's dig in shall we?