Sunday, October 04, 2015

Natural Shower Gels by Kneipp

It has been a while since my last post again and i have to admit September passed by so fast that i barely remember what i was doing the whole month (just working and working and working). Things are going a bit faster and there are a lot of different stuff to take care of that i try my best to have time for my lovely blog. This Sunday i slowed down a bit and had the change to talk to you about two body products that have definitely got me into the Autumn mood, although the weather is still quite warm and sunny. Let's meet the Shower Gels "Beauty Ritual" and "I Unique" from Kneipp.

Before i give you a small description about the products, i wanted to give you some more information about the Kneipp company. It all started by Sebastian Kneipp around 1891 when together with a pharmacist in Germany they decided to make products starting from natural plant essences and other pure ingredients. The company expanded more and more through the years and provides all over the world great natural products for everything, hair, body, face. And although years have passed by Kneipp has continued to work keeping the values of Sebastian Kneipp whose motto was that " Nature has provided us generously with everything we need to remain in good health'' something that you recognize immediately when you use their products.
I have tried Kneipp products several times from when i moved here in Switzerland and when Pelichet Lifestyle PR send me a package full of new Kneipp products to try i got excited. I wanted to start by presenting to you the two Shower Gels that were part of the package and that i really really love using! Both of them became available in stores in Switzerland around September (Migros and Coop) but they are also available in the Kneipp online shop here. Both shower gels are part of the Aroma collection and their scent is amazing!

The first one is the "Beauty Ritual" Shower Gel with Acai Berry and Rooibos (red bush as it is called), found in South Africa. It has a very nice light pink color and a very refreshing fruity scent. I like the texture of the gel, which is not too sticky and the fact that just a small amount is enough to get foam. My skin after every use feels smooth and hydrated but the shower gel affects also my mood, making me relaxed and calm in the end of the day!

The second shower gel i tried is the "I Unique" the special edition. This one contains sandalwood and cardamom, giving it a warm and uniquely spicy scent. It has a nice orange/golden color and again the texture is really good. My skin again feels really nice and smooth and even the next day it is really moisturized. When i use this shower gel my bath smells like Winter and Christmas and it gives me that warm feeling...

Both products are really good and i recommend you to try them, together with other products from the Kneipp company. What i like is that with their scents and textures they bring nature at home and they can make you travel with your mind, relax and enjoy the everyday shower! 

I keep using the "Beauty Ritual" shower gel the last days since the weather is still nice and i need something lighter and refreshing but i kept most of the "I Unique" shower gel for later, when winter will be around the corner and i will want to fell all warm and cozy!

If you want to know more about Kneipp and their products then visit their webpage not only the Swiss one mentioned above but also the international one here, find about all the products available and were you can buy them close to you!

Hope you enjoyed my post and to see you soon around! Stay happy!  

**Those products were kindly provided to me from Pelichet Lifestyle PR to try and provide my feedback. Any opinion about them is solely mine and i was nor asked neither encouraged to write anything specific about the products.


  1. They look lovely! X

    1. They are really good! Thanks for coming by my blog!