Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes: the purple shampoo for blondies

Blond hair don't care is something we all blond girls want to say but if you are not a natural blond and you have bleached or highlighted hair like me then i guess you care a bit more...It is not easy to keep our blond highlights radiant and gorgeous as the first days after our visit to the hairdresser and it might be that like for me, there is not enough time to visit the experts every month for special treatments and maintenance. Oh my...blond hair don't care is not that easy is it??

Don't worry there is a solution : the purple shampoos can do a great job and help you maintain your gorgeous blond look a bit longer...And if you don't know which one to use then let me tell you about the one that keeps my blond hair fit , the Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes Shampoo! 

The purple shampoo are not news to the hair world and several hairdressers have been using them in their salons for years now. If you want to buy one for home of course it costs a bit more than a regular everyday shampoo but believe me is an investment you want to make for your blond hair. But why purple is good? As you know in the color wheel yellow is across from purple. Since bleached or highlighted hair tend to get that yellowish, brassy tones after a bit you need a purple shampoo to cool them down and give them a nicer, brighter blond color.

There are plenty of purple shampoo in the market and i had to do some in depth search to find the one that i want to use.  If you want a good one then just go with a deep purple color (don't be scared) and that, together with the great reviews i read, made me try the Bleach Blondes from Lee Stafford. 

It is not just a regular purple shampoo, it is formulated for bleached and highlighted hair with the Pro Blond complex of panthenol, chamomile and Moringa tree seed extract that will clean your hair, bring out their natural shine and refresh their blond tone. It also contains color protection so that you keep the awesome blond highlights protected from fading from any styling, UV damage or sunlight. 

Since it is a shampoo to tone my blond hair color i don't use it everyday but just once a week. I usually take a small amount and since its consistency is not that thick i try to get roughly the amount of a small nut (still don't be scared of its deep, great purple color), apply it on my wet hair, massage nicely and wait for not more than 5 minutes. Don't want my hair to slowly turn another color or change completely, i just want them toned! Afterwards i rinse well and apply my regular conditioner but in a generous amount, since i notice that it can leave my hair a bit drier than usual. And you don't need a special conditioner, your regular one works just fine. Then i proceed as usual, blow dry my hair and style them. 

What i like (apart from the great smell and purple color which is my favorite) is that my hair were looking good even after the first application and the more i use it the better they are. I don't have this yellow tone in my hair and they look and feel nice, almost like i had the highlights the day before (although it has been from early September). 

I recommend to all of you blondes out there to try the Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes shampoo and get those brassy tones away without spending a lot of money (it was about 14 chf) or time...And if you  want to learn more about this product or others from Lee Stafford then visit the webpage here

I am going to say goodbye with Lee Stafford's saying till next time ''Have fun, looked wicked, smell beautiful" !

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