Sunday, August 02, 2015

The Bag Of Empties Volume 5!

It has been a while since my last post...more than other times of absence and i feel bad about it...but i am back! The last months have been crazy in everything and i have to admit June was one of my worst months ever and i was a really really crazy person running around juggling several balls and hoping that none will drop (others told me that it looked like that once i slowed down). 

And now that i am relaxed i found out that i kept all balls in the air successfully and i made it through June/July hurricane with just some scratches...And i pulled through, did everything that i was supposed to at work (PhD a full time job!!) and in life, while being tired and having also a small life crisis (30th Birthday was in June and the 3 in front hit me hard but i am accepting some things slowly). And i did it with good friends that they just know me so well, my family, my boyfriend and of course with drinking...lots of drinking...

Anyway too much talking (sorry!!)  just to tell you that now i am back and i am determined never to leave behind the things that make me happy, like writing in my blog, even in times when i think i can't...So for my comeback here is an empties post with some things here and there that finished the last months (i might have been running but that doesn't mean that i didn't do it with great hair, moisturized body and good makeup!)!