Saturday, May 02, 2015

Miss Manga Voluminous by L'Oreal: big lashes and funky manga look!

It's been a while since the last post, a month but i have to admit it feels like yesterday. April pasted by with me not even realizing it and everything happened so quickly, but all were nice things! Workload in the begging of April, then Easter holidays in Torino (bella Italia!), then a trip to the USA for 10 days, 3 of them spend in New York (which i loved loved loved!!) and the rest in Utah for a conference (so more work...) and then coming back with a slight jet lag (got that rid off pretty fast lucky me!) and a head full of ideas and experiments that need to run fast (so even more work now)... So i have to say that i only managed to breath slowly now and to adjust back to my normal routine and the time for a new post was finally in order!

Today i will talk to you about an eye mascara, one that i wanted to try for a while and got it from the USA, the Miss Manga Voluminous Waterproof Mascara. It is relatively cheap, it promises a manga look and it is from L'Oreal so this combination sounds good for a mascara right? Let's see! 

The first thing that draw my attention in the Miss Manga Voluminous Mascara was the packaging, with black and pink/purple colors and a different shape that makes you wanna try it. I picked the waterproof version and went with the number 378, the Blackest Black shade since i always go with the black lashes. 

It comes with a 360 flexor brush that can bend and follow the exact shape of my lashes. It also has a conical end in the brush that makes it easier to reach even the tinniest, far away lashes. The texture of the mascara is neither liquid nor dry, but more creamy that will dry fast and also will not feel sticky or make the lashes hard. Since it is called Miss Manga it gives those characteristic spikes in my lashes that the manga cartoon girls have, so it has a bit of clumping, nothing though that it looks bad. I only need one coat to get a subtle, spike manga look in my lashes for everyday and i go for 2-3 coats when i want a funkier and stronger look. If you want a settle black color go for the shade 377, just Black, ut if you want some attention to your lashes then the 378 Blackest Black is for you! 

The mascara stays on almost the whole day and without refreshing it i still have by the end of the day soft and black spiked lashes. What i really enjoy is that my lashes are not crispy but soft and i can add more mascara whenever i want on top without getting any clumps or feeling my lashes dry. And for those of you that wear contact lenses there is no residues or smudging that will get into your eyes and cause you problems. I even wore it the whole flight back home from New York and got no smudge or itchiness at all. To remove it is easier than other mascaras i use, like the Maybelline ones. Water and a mild cleansing foam does the job, without needing more waterproof eye removals or too much effort. And this is nice since i don't get up with panda eyes when i had little time to remove my mascara at night and the residues are there the next morning.
All in all the Miss Manga Voluminous from L'Oreal is a great drugstore mascara that will give you nice manga funky lashes and that will turn your makeup from natural to playful! It has nice texture, great performance as a product and long duration so i am sure that you will love it. I did so before leaving the USA i just got another one for back up!

If you want to learn more about the Miss Manga Voluminous just pass by one of the cosmetics store around you or visit the L'Oreal website here to find more about that product or other from the same series.

Hope you enjoyed the post and i will wait for your comments and feedback! Till the next time stay funky and enjoy every day!

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