Friday, May 08, 2015

Garnier Fructis Pracht Auffueller : Full and Plush Hair

Today's post is about the products i have been trying the last week from the Garnier Fructis Pracht Aufueller (Matiere and Densite in French or Full and Plush in English) new line, that i was provided by Coolbrandz and Garnier to try and that promise to make my hair full and thicker. So let's see did they keep their promise?

A while ago i got a package containing the Garnier Fructis Pracht Aufueller line, with a shampoo, a conditioner, a serum and a finish spray. All products came in this nice bright pink packaging that for sure draws your attention and they are supposed to be used one after another in order to get the desired results of volume and thickness in your hair. And those will be done due to the combination of fibra-cylane, pomegranate and active fruits concentrate that are the main ingredients and that will penetrate the hair and give them volume, together with a nice fruity fresh scent that reminds you of summer! 

I used the products everyday for about 8-9 days so that i have a full idea of their power and see if i can get the results that promise, that is volume and a feeling of thick and more hair after 7 uses. I have thin, flat hair and getting volume in them or thickness is always a trouble for me.

I started by using the shampoo and conditioner during my shower as usual. They both have a nice, creamy texture with the shampoo to make a lot of foam with just a small amount used and the conditioner to be easily applied. I was afraid that they will leave my hair heavy and greasy afterwards but that was not the case at all. Once i rinsed the shampoo and then the conditioner my hair were soft and smooth and after some more uses i could tell that they had a little bit more volume. 

After the shampoo and conditioner i towel dried my hair and i applied the serum, the product that i have to admit stole my heart from this line. I used 2 pumps and tried to get it everywhere in my hair by brushing them after application and i didn't have to rinse it. The next step was to blow dry my hair as usual with the help of a round brush to get a straight look or without any brush for this wavy natural style. I noticed from the beginning that my hair had a nice glow and looked smooth and soft, while in the next applications i felt that they were thicker and with plenty of volume. And to finish my look i used the finish spray provided with the line, which has a fine micro-powder texture that unlike the common finish sprays i couldn't feel it in my hair at all but i knew it was there since my voluminous styling stayed put the whole day!

I have to say that the Garnier Fructis Pracht Aufueller line kept its promise and indeed made my hair feel thicker in just about a week of every day use of the products while it provided me with a nice volume. And i wasn't the only one how noticed that my hair are fuller and not that flat since i got great compliments by my colleagues about them every single day!

I still use the Garnier Fructis Pracht Aufueller products and especially the serum seems to do miracles even used i combination with other shampoo and conditioner, while the finish spray is my go to, also for when i want to refresh my hair look during the day and need a bit of the extra hold and volume. Those will be products that i will purchase for sure and i recommend them to all with thick and flat hair that want to be thick and happy!

Till the next post have a great time and get voluminous hair that shine!

A big thanks to Coolbrandz and Garnier for sending me the products to try. As always the post represents my experience and opinion after testing those products and only mine! :)

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