Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Pedi Sonic by Clarisonic : for your feet only

Spring is here and summer is close...so is the time we are gonna start wearing sandals and open shoes...Our feet need extra care so that they look beautiful and make our summer shoes look perfect! And we don't want to spend much time and effort right? Then we all need a Pedi Sonic, the new product from Clarisonic for your feet only!

The Pedi Sonic is a device, pretty similar to the others of the Clarisonic family for face and body (check my previous post on Clarisonic Plus here and on Aria Facial Sonic here) only this time is suitable for our feet. It is designed with a new motor that runs on a powerful "foot frequency'' as the Clarisonic company states, that promise to eliminate any dry, rough skin and leave your feet smooth. 

It consists of 3 different parts : 

  • Pedi Device : suitable for at home foot care, easy to handle and waterproof. It has 3 different speeds and adjustable timer.

  •  Pedi Smoothing Disc : with its texture stainless steel disc and the sonic frequencies of the Pedi Device it can eliminate dull, rough skin from the feet and smooth any surface without causing any damage.  

  •  Pedi Wet/Dry Buffing Brush Head : it has a combination of short rigid and long flexible filaments that will allow better migration of the Buffing Brush, covering greater area on the feet and further exfoliating the skin.

Since the Pedi Sonic is designed for taking care of rough skin and of areas that have sometimes extremely rigid and dull it is not supposed to be used in the face, where our skin is much more elegant and fragile. And the Smoothing Disc and Buffing Brush is not supposed to be used with the Face Clarisonic devices.

The Pedi Sonic Device as a set with special Clarisonic made peeling and smoothing creams (the Pedi Buff, the Pedi Balm and the Pedi Boost) are available in Switzerland exclusively in Marrionaud stores from early March 2015 and for the price of 249 CHF. So visit the Marrionaud website here to buy it online or a shop next to you. And if you want to learn more about the Clarisonic products just visit their website here.

Me for sure i am going to purchase the Pedi Sonic by Clarisonic and give my feet the luxury they deserve!

Hope you enjoyed the post and you are intrigued to find out more about the Clarisonic Pedi Sonic device!

Till the next post take care and smile! 


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