Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Fit Me Pressed Powder by Maybelline : it fits me or not?

Today's post after a small absence (my PhD from January on is kicking my butt so i have to fight back meaning i have to spend more and more time working...) is about a powder that i have been using the last two months and that i have mix feelings for it. I am talking about the Fit Me Pressed Powder by Maybelline and until now i cannot really tell if it actually fits me...

I bought the Fit Me Pressed Powder during the sales here in Switzerland, as i needed an everyday powder to wear on top of my foundation and some of the ones i have were empty. It wasn't really expensive and i know Maybelline's products and their good quality so i though i give it a try. 

What drew my attention first was the packaging, small and convenient since it has on the top layer the compact foundation and on the bottom a mirror and a small applicator, making it convenient to carry with me when i need it. I chose number 220 which is the Natural Beige shade and started immediately using it in the morning on top of my foundation. The Fit Me series consists of 18 different shades with numbers and names so that the lighter, intermediate and darker skin tones can find the one that will fit perfectly.

The product promises to provide a natural finish and give the skin the appearance it should have, looking fresh and flawless. I have to admit that it took me a while to see those results...At first i tried to use the applicator coming with the packaging but that didn't work out that well. Even if i used a small amount of powder it stick to the applicator and then to my skin making it difficult to evenly apply it afterwards, causing the appearance of powder spots. So long for the convenience of the applicator...and the natural finish.

The next time i tried with my powder brush and that made it a bit better. It was easier to apply the powder and it didn't make any weird spots in the skin but still i noticed that i needed much more product to cover all the parts i wanted. At least my skin looked more natural.

On the one hand the powder itself is light, leaves the skin breathing and gives a nice natural color once applied. Also it covers any shine and it doesn't give you an oily feeling, that i had with several powders so far. On the other hand ,it doesn't seem to last that long and i noticed that my rouge doesn't set that well on top of it during the whole day.

After all that time using the Fit Me Pressed Powder i came to the conclusion that it fits me under circumstances. I can use it every day on top of my covering foundation for a light natural finish but i am happy to have in my collection powders that will set better my make up and keep me going the whole day without any worries.

Have you tried the Fit Me Powder and what do you think? Let me know your opinion!

Till next time take care!!


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