Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Test Mini Products 6 : the Mini Body Shower Products

Today's post is about two products that i tested recently and that for many reasons it made sense to present them in the same post.  They are both body shower products, they both came in a mini size as part of a beauty box (PinkBox) and they are both based on natural ingredients, plants and herbs. And what makes it even better is that they represent my two homes...

On the one hand we have the Korres Guava Shower Gel, coming from Greece my beautiful country were i was born and were my heart is always and on the other the Rausch Herbal Shower Gel coming from Switzerland my residence for the last 5 years, that i feel as my second home and that i will always be crazy about! So let's find out more about the companies history and those two products.

Both products are produced with the philosophy of "back to nature", using herbs and plants that with proper combination and processing can make miracles to our skin and hair and to our everyday beauty routine. 

Korres Natural Products has been in the market from 1996 but the idea was in the mind of the creator George Korres for a long time, starting from when he was a pharmacy student and worked at the oldest Greek homeopathy pharmacy, learning how to use with respect natural ingredients and create special products. The company has been one of the biggest in Greece and the last years has expanded all over the world and has been famous everywhere, making us Greeks a bit more proud! Their products are loved among people and are well known for their great quality.

For many years i use the Korres products and i have always been a fan so when the Guava Showergel showed up that made me really happy! It is a gentle shower gel that has a very distinct smell of Guava and tropical fruits which even if it is pretty strong you just can't get enough. It reminds you of summer, something that gives you a boost after a long day at work and in the middle of winter. I liked how a small amount made plenty of foam and also how my skin felt soft and smooth after shower, even the next day. Great moisturizing and refreshing feeling.

The Rausch Herbal Cosmetics has a history that goes way back, walking quite a fascinating road full of products and innovations. It was founded in 1890 by the German master hair stylist Josef Wilhelm Rauschn and was a purveyor to the court of His Royal Highness, Prince Leopold of Hohenzollern. JW Rausch focused on hair products and shampoos for all those years, creating products from natural ingredients. In 1949, the company was bought by Josef Baumann-Widmer and new exciting products came in the market, based on the same philosophy that the creator had. Some years after the son Marco Baumann joined the company and gave his support in office as well as in the field, travelling all over Switzerland to find the best ingredients. The years following the company started exports in many countries all over the world and continued producing hair and skin products with a lot of Swiss freshness.

I learned Rausch products only when i came to Switzerland and tried some and even if their hair products are the main star, their skin products should not be neglected. The shower cream i got ]to try is considered for me great. It is special for dry/sensitive skin and it is so refreshing and soothing that if you have irritated skin you will love it. It has a nice discreet scent of herbs and it consists of wheat bran, for moisture, horsetail for strength and chamomile for sooth and relax. My skin feels soft and supple and all the dry and irritated parts are soothed. Perfect for winter!

If you want two shower products that will take care of your skin and in parallel protect you from any chemicals then try the Korres Guava Showergel and the Rausch Herbal Shower Cream. And if you want to learn more about these great companies then visit their websites Korres (here) and Rausch (here) and you will find the natural product made especially for your needs.

Let me know if you know those products and companies and what is your opinion! Till the next time take care! 

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