Monday, January 26, 2015

Daily Makeup Brush Cleaner by Sephora

A perfect skin is a big deal...We spend hours and have plenty of products that we use in order to have a nice glowing face and we try every time to remove even the last bit of makeup and clean it well. we try to buy good products, with nice ingredients that will make us look good and also not give us unwanted pimples and redness. But we tend to forget one small detail, that we need to take care also of the tools we are using to make our perfect makeup because those can cause a lot of problems if they are not taken good care of. 

That is why today i want to talk to you about the Daily Makeup Brush Cleaner, by Sephora a product that can keep your makeup brushes in "good health" and with not a lot of effort!

I usually clean my makeup brushes thoroughly once per week, trying to really get rid of all the makeup and powder residues and have them nice and shiny. What happens is that i just have 2-3 brushes that i truly love and i use them all the time so in 2 days they look like they need again cleaning. In order to avoid the fuss and having to go through time consuming cleaning every second day i bought recently the Daily Makeup Brush Cleaner by Sephora and it has saved me time and keeps away any infections from my brushes that will definitely make my face not happy.

It is a light cleaner that can be used every day and that has anti bacterial agent. It is pretty simple to use and it just takes me 5-10 minutes to clean my brushes. I normally spray a small amount in a cloth and pass the brush gently several times until all makeup, powder or whatever else i used is gone. Then i just keep my brush in its usual place and let it dry. I repeat with every brush and voila' !You don't need to rinse it or worry that it will take long to dry. My brushes are ready to use after 15 minutes, they smell nice and they are clean and free of bacteria! 

I really enjoy the Daily Makeup Brush Cleaner from Sephora and i find it pretty useful. Of course it can not replace a good brush cleaning since it is not that strong but it is perfect to keep your brushes clean in between the uses and in combination with your regular cleaning procedure it is just great!

Have you tried this or any similar makeup brush cleaner and what do you think? Do you have any brush cleaning routine you use and how do you keep your brushes clean?

Till the next post have a great makeup time, with clean brushes!!! 

** Since my time is a bit limited these months due to overload of work for my PhD with deadlines, experiments and results that need to get out fast, i will try to post regularly in my blog but if you want to see what is going on with me daily then me on my instagram account @justabitofall ! It is easier to say it with a picture and maybe there you might be able to see my PhD craziness among food, coffee and makeup products!! And in between there will be blog posts! :)