Monday, December 01, 2014

Get ready to Brappz ladies! Meet the new trend in the accessories world!

I always like cool new ideas, especially when they just get away from ordinary and one of those i want to present to you today! Meet Brappz, a new accessory with which you can do whatever you want and use it as it suits you! 

Brappz consists of silky-soft colorful straps and two way detachable hooks that in combination they can help you create anything you want!

 It was an idea born here in Switzerland from two beautiful and clever ladies, Barbara and Selene and the story behind their creation starts simply with something that has happened to all of us. How many times did you go to buy a new dress or shirt and the bra straps are just in the middle? And they ruin the outfit and you can't avoid them (some bra with straps are just too comfortable to change them) and you end up all frustrated because you like the new shirt but you need to hide the bra somehow? Showing your underware even if it is only you bra strap is not a good idea and Brappz is here to solve your problem! 

They decided to make this soft straps that you can detach in hooks and that you can replace your straps with. And it is just a perfect idea since now you can still wear you favorite bra and show your colorful straps and style up your outfit! And you can also use them as as arm band and necklace for trendy colorful jewelry, as shoe laces that will make your shoes look different or as anything you can imagine of. They are simply to use, just attache the strap in the hook and done!

 For me they will for sure be my favorite friend during summer, when i can wear them with my short sleeve shirts and make my outfit different! But for now that the weather doesn't really help, i used them in another way. They work perfectly as head bands for a preppy but modern style or as extensions to my key holder, making it easier for my to find my keys in my bag! They also styled up my small black bag making me looking fabulous and getting several comments of how great my plain  bag looks!

My friends already are excited with this new trend and looking forward to try themselves this really nice accessory. And i already planned that Brappz will be the holiday present for my best friends back to Greece so now i will place my orders and get ready to Brappz their world! 

Currently you can order Brappz online through, the official Brappz site. You can find information about the products, different colors that exist (many many options!) and the two different sizes depending on what you plan to create! There are style recommendations and ideas to start from as well as clear instructions of how to use them best! Go have a look and meet the new trend of the year! And don't forget, the only limit with Brappz is your imagination!

I want to thank Coolbrandz and Brappz for sending me to try this product and giving me the opportunity to meet something cool!

My opinion is based on my experience with the product and the writings on this post are my view and only mine.

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