Thursday, December 11, 2014

Card Change : Swiss platform for gift cards

A while ago i was contacted by Card Change and was asked if i would be interested to have a look at Card Change and learn more about it. At first i was not familiar at all that something like that exists, especially here in Switzerland but once i got to read a bit more i got a lot interested! So when it was proposed to give it a try i couldn't simply say no! 

So let's start with what is Card Change? It is a new platform, founded in 2014 by a young entrepreneur Florence, coming from studies in EPFL. She always wanted to make her own company and when she got another unwanted gift card the idea was born and after a while became real! 

Through card change you can sell unwanted gift cards and get most of the value in cash or buy gift cards in discount, from those that already didn't want them! And with both ways you can save money without really having to change your habits and waste money on products you didn't even want to buy (but you had to since you had a gift card from the shop). You are going to ask me, is it really working? I will tell you yes since i tested it for you step by step! 

Florence gave me the chance to go through the buying procedure of a gift card as a normal customer and provided me with 40 chf to spend so that i get a chance to have in hand experience with the platform. 

What i had to do was to open an account for free and then go to the sector of the available gift cards to buy. The possibilities were a lot and since i need to do some Christmas shopping for chocolates i decided to go with 2 Coop cards value of 20 chf each so that i actually use them in something i really need. Once i selected the cards, i just had to go through a really easy and basic payment procedure and then it was done! And the good think was that i had a discount of 1 chf in each card so i paid only 18 chf, doing already some saving! Once the cards were purchased i got a confirmation email and then just had to wait for them. After 24 hours the cards were in my mail box, in a nice envelope waiting for me! And i had to pay only the 18 chf for their value, shipping was totally free! 

It is as simple as it sounds, you pick the card, you find your favorite payment method (Paypal, Credit Card or Postfinance) and then after a day is send for free at your place to use it and save money. Depending on the store and the value of the card the discount is different so you might save up to 35% ! Perfect right? And if you want a card but is not available that moment then you can put it on the wish list and buy it when it is in the platform. 

If you have a card that you want to sell then that seems to be straightforward too, you just go to the sell section, pick the store your gif cards comes from, its value and expiration date (it needs to be valid for at least 9 months) and you get an offer on the money you can get back which can be up to 90%! Amazing! 

I suggest to all of you in Switzerland to visit the Card Change platform and get the best out of it! And if you want to support this new company and Florence's try then search for Card Change on Facebook and Twitter ! And me i am already planning on the chocolates i will buy and make my friends and family happy together with my wallet!

*Thanks to Florence and Card Change for the opportunity to try this platform.

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