Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Make up Base by Sephora: pleasure for the skin and your make up!

Hello my dear followers,

i wanted to start today's post by saying Happy Birthday to my blog! Just A Bit of All started in early October 2013 and i cannot believe that it has been a year since then! I want to thank you for your support and for reading my posts and hope the next years i will get a bit better! I think i have improved a bit but still there are many things i would like to do in my blog that if only i had 10 hours more everyday!!Anyway hope to have you around for long and to be with me on my blogging journey! 

So for today's post i have picked a product i wanted for quite a while to talk about, since it is a favorite of mine for the last months! This time it is a make up product and i have to say it is the ''base'' of a good make up! I am talking about the Make Up Base by Sephora, which if you don't know it already then too bad for you! 

The Make Up Base by Sephora is a primer/corrector that promises to matify and smooth your skin, as well as make your foundation stay for longer. I met with this product a while ago this year through a small sample i got from Sephora and after using it 2 times i really wanted to make it mine! Unfortunately when i went to Greece in August it was sold out in my hometown's Sephora shop and i didn't get the chance to buy it at that time. Lucky me, when i came back to Switzerland (where there is no Sephora shops just to point that!) a colleague of mine asked me if i want her to bring me one since she had two at home not using them so this was the perfect chance to have it (that is why i got the previous edition and not the new bottle)!!

From the first tries of this product you notice how different it is...For me it has a very unique texture... It is a thick gel with a bit oily texture that doesn't remind me at all the normal creamy primers i have used so far. I have to admit i was scared in the beginning that it would feel too heavy on my skin and my face would be oily but once i applied it all over my face any fear was gone! The base has the ability to absorb almost immediately, giving you a fresh boost and feeling really light. Afterwards applying my foundation was easy since my skin was smooth and sleek and the primer created a very nice base for it! And i noticed that after a whole day of wearing my foundation, my skin remains matte, the pores cannot be seen and the whole make up lasts long and long and long.

I totally recommend the Make Up Base from Sephora, even if you feel a bit scared with the weird-texture it has! And don't worry, the bottle might be small but the product will last long since a small amount is enough for every application! So try the Make Up Base by Sephora if you want pleasure for your skin and your make up! I have a picture of the current packaging so that you get the chance to recognize it! 

Let me know what you think of this product and whether you have tested it or not! :)

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