Saturday, October 18, 2014

KMS California Curl Up : make them jealous!

Today i am going to talk to you about two products from a brand that i tried first time! A while ago i was contacted to test two of the KMS California hair products. I have to admit i didn't know that brand so it made it even more interesting to get them! Some weeks later and after several troubles with my post office i received a nice package from them with two different products in really nice, bright orange bottles : the Curl Up Leave In Conditioner and the Curl Up Perfecting lotion and began to test them the next weeks. 

It took me a bit longer than with other products i test to get a clear opinion about those two products, since they are suited for curly hair and didn't get a chance to use them so often but by now i can tell you a bit more about them.
 Both products were launched in September 2014 and are part of the Curl Up Line. They contain orange and mint extracts, which will sooth and enhance the curls on your hair and panthenol to moisturize them! And the combination of those three are creating a perfect scent that stays all day in your hair!  

The first product is the Curl Up Leave In Conditioner, a light creamy texture conditioner that promises to nourish the curls and provide a shiny finish with less frizz. 

The first time i used it in wet hair and after applying it i blow dried them. The result was pretty good, my waves (since i don't have curly but wavy hair) were looking more alive and structured and my hair felt soft and smelled really nice. 

The second time i tried to use it in towel dried hair and either let them air dry or blow dried them. This time and in both cases the results were even better than in wet hair! My hair got a nice volume, my waves became more curly and the whole style lasted for longer! 

I even got compliments at work for my new hair style, since they rarely see me with my natural waves! And i have to say it is not easy with my type of hair to get nice, thick and structured waves without a heat device and looking natural! Apparently the Curl Up Leave in Conditioner by KMS California is a secret weapon! 

The second product from the Curl Up line that i tried was the Curl Up Perfecting Lotion. This is again a creamy textured product that is more concentrated than the leave in conditioner and thus heavier but that won't make your hair greasy and flat. 

It is used in towel dried hair for smooth and structured curls and can be also used during the day to refresh them. I used it several times alone and in combination with the leave in conditioner and made my hair soft, extra wavy and protected from any humidity something that i truly appreciated some days, especially if i don't straight my hair and don't want them to look wild! 

What i also liked about this product was that i could use it during the day to refresh my curls and make them look like they were just made, so that i looked get together and nice for going out directly after work and without too much effort! 

For me those two products made me appreciate my wavy hair and feel comfortable in them, while looking great without spending hours to make my hair, using heavy products and heat tools. I highly recommend to try them, especially if you have non structured waves that frizz and look flat. Believe me they will be brought back to life and you will make the rest jealous! 

If you want to get to know those two products, any other from the Curl Up Line (it contains another 5 products) or in general the KMS California products then have a look at their website here  or in their Facebook page here and i am sure you will find something that your hair will enjoy! 

Have you tried the KMS California products and what did you and your hair think??  


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