Monday, October 27, 2014

Curaprox Switzerland : Mind the Gap and your teeth!

We all know that only a smile is enough sometimes to get you can make you look pretty, it can dazzle the people around you and of course it can make your really expensive lipstick look even more gorgeous! So you have the attitude, you have the lipstick and what else you need? Good looking teeth...taken care of by a Swiss brand, Curaprox! 

I, for sure, pay a lot of attention to my oral and teeth hygiene so when i got my hands in the Curaprox products i knew i was on the right way towards my perfect smile! 

Curaprox is a Swiss Oral Health Professional company experts in oral health and dental hygiene, promising to make the best products, with the help of specialists and dental doctors, that will keep your teeth healthy and your smile perfect. In October 2014 they started a new campaign called "Mind The Gap", which has become the company's message. But what do they mean with Mind the Gap in oral hygiene? 

According to the CEO of Curaprox there are 3 different gaps that put your oral health in stake :

1) the gap between our teeth or between your teeth and gums
2) the gap in our knowledge regarding the dangers that bad oral hygiene can have
3) the gap in our ability to prevent and care for our teeth

We all know how to brush our teeth, we learn it early in our life and sometimes we are really taking it seriously. But brushing our teeth just with the regular routine is not enough. It might be that our teeth externally look clean but what happens between the gaps is another story. And what we don't know is that the regular toothbrush cleans only 70% of the tooth surfaces and for the rest 30% an interdental toothbrush is important to eliminate bacteria and plaque and to really provide a clean mouth!

For this purpose Curaprox is starting their Mind The Gap campaign with a promo pack the Superduo, containing the CS5460 Ultra Soft Toothbrush and the CPS Prime Interdental Brushes. I was lucky enough to get to try those products for the past month and here is what i think.

I will start with the CS5460 Ultra Soft Toothbrush which came in this lovely pink/neon green combination that made me wanna try it immediately (i do have a thing for funky toothbrushes!)! From the first use i found that when the name says Ultra Soft it means it. I cleaned my teeth 2 per day (as i normally do) and it felt so soft and gentle. For me especially that i have really sensitive teeth and gums this toothbrush came directly from heaven! I guess it is the 5460 Curen filaments with 0.1mm that make a pleasure to brush your teeth and to get results out of it!

The CPS Prime Interdental Brush kit that came with the toothbrush was just the right thing for me. I suffer from plaque especially in the gaps between my lower teeth. I go to my dentist every 3 months but is still not enough, unless i find a way to clean those gaps as much as possible. And that is what i have been doing with the 4 interdental brushes i got. They are really thin, from 0.6 to 11mm cleaning radius that makes them really easy and efficient in their use. I can choose depending on the area i want to clean and i only need a single cleaning movement inside my teeth gap and they are clean! The holder is also ergonomic and easy to handle!

If you Mind the Gap and your oral hygiene then i recommend you to try the Curaprox Superduo. It will be available in dental professional and Pharmacies in January 2015. Until then you can order it online through the Curaprox website here , in low cost and in different combinations (there are 36 colors from the CS5460 to choose from)! And while you are there just browse through the website and learn more about the Curaprox products! 

You will definitely feel a big change on your teeth  and your smile will be your best feature! 

I want to thank Curaprox and Passion For Brands for providing me with the Superduo package to test it and get to present it to all of you! 

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  1. I've heard good things about this curaprox product! Going on my wish ♥ list now.