Monday, October 27, 2014

Curaprox Switzerland : Mind the Gap and your teeth!

We all know that only a smile is enough sometimes to get you can make you look pretty, it can dazzle the people around you and of course it can make your really expensive lipstick look even more gorgeous! So you have the attitude, you have the lipstick and what else you need? Good looking teeth...taken care of by a Swiss brand, Curaprox! 

I, for sure, pay a lot of attention to my oral and teeth hygiene so when i got my hands in the Curaprox products i knew i was on the right way towards my perfect smile! 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

KMS California Curl Up : make them jealous!

Today i am going to talk to you about two products from a brand that i tried first time! A while ago i was contacted to test two of the KMS California hair products. I have to admit i didn't know that brand so it made it even more interesting to get them! Some weeks later and after several troubles with my post office i received a nice package from them with two different products in really nice, bright orange bottles : the Curl Up Leave In Conditioner and the Curl Up Perfecting lotion and began to test them the next weeks. 

It took me a bit longer than with other products i test to get a clear opinion about those two products, since they are suited for curly hair and didn't get a chance to use them so often but by now i can tell you a bit more about them.

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Make up Base by Sephora: pleasure for the skin and your make up!

Hello my dear followers,

i wanted to start today's post by saying Happy Birthday to my blog! Just A Bit of All started in early October 2013 and i cannot believe that it has been a year since then! I want to thank you for your support and for reading my posts and hope the next years i will get a bit better! I think i have improved a bit but still there are many things i would like to do in my blog that if only i had 10 hours more everyday!!Anyway hope to have you around for long and to be with me on my blogging journey! 

So for today's post i have picked a product i wanted for quite a while to talk about, since it is a favorite of mine for the last months! This time it is a make up product and i have to say it is the ''base'' of a good make up! I am talking about the Make Up Base by Sephora, which if you don't know it already then too bad for you!