Thursday, September 18, 2014

Yves Rocher VIP & Blogger Event

One of the brands that i got introduced 5 years ago in Switzerland was the Yves Rocher Plant cosmetics, which have been since then very important to me! When i got an invitation to attend the VIP & Blogger Event last Thursday in their lovely shop in Zurich i couldn't say no! So here are some impressions of the event as well as my ideas on their newest product, the Powder Eyeshadow Quartet! 

The event took place in the Yves Rocher store in Zurich, just in the beginning of Bahnhofstrasse. I arrived among the first, since i wanted to have plenty of time to go around the store, meet the products and the people there. As always the Yves Rocher specialists were really polite and helpful, showed me the place around, gave me some information for the brand and the event and were there during the whole event to provide any help i needed! And i have to say they did a great job with everybody...kept smilling and helping the crowd that soon started to get bigger and bigger (too many fans of Yves Rocher!)! 

So with a glass of prosecco in one hand and delicious finger food in my belly i began my tour in the magic world of Yves Rocher store! There were several possibilities during the event, from checking your skin type with the help of a professional, to getting a professional make up by an Yves Rocher makeup artist. Since there were too many people around and it needed time to get in line i decided to focus on the products, mostly in the new arrivals!

Two makeup products were introduced that day, the Power Eyeshadow Quartet from the Natural Colors line and the Volume Elixir Mascara. The Volume Elixir Mascara contains hibiscus peptides that promises to repair and strength the eyelashes, while providing volume! The Powder Eyeshadow Quartet is a really nice palette coming in different color combinations! The eyeshadows can be used separately or as a combination to create a smokey eye look and what is even better is that you can adjust the intensity by using them dry or with water, for a more intense look!

I couldn't resist to the colors and the smooth texture of the eyeshadows so i bought the palette "Rose Raffine". It contains four eyeshadows in pink/purple colours and so far i am more than happy with them. They are easy to apply, give you a nice smooth finish and stay put for several hours through the day! I will definately go back and buy more color combinations soon!

And of course i didn't stop in the make up products but continued to the fragrances, to meet the new fragrance "Quelques Notes D'Amour", with notes of Damascene Rose, benzoin resin extract and guaic wood essence that will captivate you and make you fall in love this Autumn. It is a fine and delicate fragrance, giving you the feeling like having butterflies in your stomach...

If you want to feel the Yves Rocher experience pass by your nearest store and you won't miss! And to meet the new and old products have a look at the Yves Rocher website here...Believe me you will love their products, if you don't already do! 

I want to thank Yves Rocher for this perfect evening and the great experience and i am looking forward to more events like that! Until then i will be in their store to just have this feeling of happiness among their great products!  

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