Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Test Mini Products 5

It has been a while since i wrote about testing a mini product but during my summer holidays i did use a lot of my travel size or small size products and i need to share some with you! Today i will write a small review on the Nivea Q10 Plus Firming Hydration Body Milk with Q10 and Macadamia Oil that i mostly used the last week of my holidays. So let's see what this product ended up to be! 

The sample of 30ml gave me enough to apply it 5-6 times in my legs. It was suitable for dry skin so the combination of sun exposure with leg shaving made this product perfect for the area! It has a thick consistency but it is easy to apply and it is absorbed really fast, that dressing up afterwards even with a pair of jeans was not a problem at all. The scent is really discreate and pleasant, as with almost all of the Nivea products! 

As for the hydration that the product claims to provide i have to say that it did a perfect job as promised. My legs felt smooth and soft like silk for even 24 hours after application and i could tell they were hydrated (also my tan was glowing!), thanks to the macadamia oil! About the firming that the product also promises i cannot comment,since i will need more product and time to see the Q10 firming results, that is why i am going to get the full size product and use it more and more!

All in all the Nivea Q10 Plus Firming Hydration Body Milk is for me a really richand intensive moisturizer that can leave your skin hydrated, smooth and gently scented! And that is going to be one of my picks for the winter coming!

Have you tried this or any other Nivea body lotion / milk and what do you think? As always i am really happy to hear your opinions! 

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