Saturday, August 02, 2014

Nestle Fitness Cereal: perfect for all day

When i found out that i was chosen by Coolbrandz and Nestle Switzerland to try several products from their Fitness Cereal line i got extremely happy and you can imagine what happened when i received a box full of products in my place some days later! I started eating them in any form you can imagine, with milk, yogurt, alone as a snack and shared them with my colleagues who several mornings just came in my office hungry and wanted something light and delicious! I can say that the little boxes of Fitness Nestle Cereal just saved their day several times!

But what makes Fitness Nestle different from other cereal in the market? First of all they contain high percentange of whole grain, something important for our diet and our digestive system! They are low fat, with minerals and vitamines (their content in calcium and iron just sealed the deal for me immediately) and they are friendly for your diet! For me apart from all those beneficial aspects is also their variety in flavors (you don't really know what to choose!!) and the fact that when you eat them they are just perfectly crunchy! 

I got the chance to try 4 different flavors and i have to admit that all of them excited me! 

The Fitness Nestle Original were paired with different flavors of yogurt and eaten mostly as a middle of the day snack! 

The Fitness Nestle Fruits, with papaya, pineapple, raisins and coconut did manage to take me into tropical places and were perfect together with milk as dinner! 

For my breakfast i chose the Fitness Nestle Yogurt, eaten together with some cranberries and low fat milk! Those yogurt covered flakes just give you the boost of energy you need in the morning!

And for last i left my favorites so far, the Fitness Nestle Chocolate! I couldn't believe that whole grain flakes covered with milk chocolate will taste that good! I pretty much ate the whole box either for dinner or as a snack! What is better when you need some energy at work and you don't want to eat a whole bar of chocolate (can you stop at one piece??)? Delicious, healthy and low fat cereals among them some with chocolate to make your day and get you through chocolate cravings! Yummy!
So if you want something healthy and delicious go try immediately Fitness Nestle in any flavor you prefer! I just talked to you about four, but there are in total 7, one for everyday of the week! My next pick is the Fitness Nestle Honey and Almond and of course another package of Fitness Nestle Chocolate!!! Who can resist? Me for sure not!! 

Have you tried Fitness Nestle, either the Cereal or the Cereal Bars and what do you thing? Will be waiting your opinions!

Thanks to Coolbrandz and Fitness Nestle Switzerland for the opportunity to try all those Fitness Nestle Products and Nestle products and to share them with the people around me. For more information visit their webpages or social media pages.

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