Monday, August 11, 2014

My Summer Holiday Essentials

It might be that many of you are already on holidays or just came back but for me summer holidays just started! I just arrived in Athens and tomorrow i will be departing for a week in an island to get some sun, relax and swim! And since the days before leaving Zurich were really busy and stressful i had limited time to show you this year's summer holiday essentials for me, which i am going to do today! So follow me to see what products i really need to have in my beauty bag before i depart!

Face Products :

1) Sephora Instant Moisture Mask : one of today's picks from Sephora (always my first stop when i am back in Athens) since i wanted to try it for long time and what better period than summer, when the skin needs to be properly moisturized! And lucky me it was on discount! 

2) Evian Facial Spray : it was part of my last PinkBox and of course i had to have it with me just for when i need to feel fresh in the beach or fix my makeup those hot August nights!

3) Sephora BB Moisturizing Cream SPF 15 : since during summer holidays i try to be as free of makeup as possible i bought a darker BB Cream to use. Let's see how it turns out! 

Beach Body Products :

1) Soleil Des Iles Tanning Oil SPF 30 : i tried this one in Zurich the 2-3 days that i could go to the pool (the weather was bad most of June and July there) and i was really happy with it so brought it with me. It already gave me a nice tan from the first application and it has SPF 30 which means that i won't burn. I plan to use it the first days that i need more protection but don't want to sacrifice my tan!

2) Garnier Ambre Solaire Ideal Bronze SPF 20 : this one was mostly bought for my bf to protect him from the sun in the beach but i will use it when i don't want that oily feeling in my body and still want good protection! 

3) Tommy G Tan and Protect Sun Oil Spray SPF 10 : a new product from Tommy G Cosmetics that i was waiting all those months to try and i finally got it! This one will be used later in the evening, when the sun is not that strong any more or the second half of my holidays when my skin will have already been more tanned and protection can be lower. I cannot wait to use it!!!

Body Products : 

1) Vaseline Essential Moisture Aloe Fresh Body Lotion : light feeling lotion, with fresh aloe scent that smooths and moisturizes sun exposed skin and leaves it soft and healthy. It has been a summer essential for me every year and nothing can beat the fresh feeling it gives to your skin when applied! 

2) Vaseline Essential Moisture Daily Body Lotion : a rich, moisturizing body lotion that i use almost every summer and that leaves my skin with a discreat smell and extremely hydrated whilst it is absorbed immediately!

3) Soleil Des Iles Shimmering Oil : perfect for a shimmering effect when my skin is tanned and i want to look at my best on that short summer dress!

Nail Products:

1) Sephora Nail Patch Art Chinese Blossom : always wanted to try this nail patch art so i couldn't pass on these perfect flower decorated nail polish stickers. I will combine them with some coral nail polish for the perfect summer nails!

2) Leantra Monti Nail Polish Friday Night : a small nail polish i picked a while ago from Zurich that has been a favorite of mine the last month and will be with me during holidays for my pedicure!

3) Beauty UK Nail Kit Coral : another product part of my PinkBox that i find it really usefull and essential. Everything i need for perfect nails on travel size plus a very nice coral nail polish that will be perfect with my Chinese Blossom nail patches!

 These are my summer essentials for this year! I am waiting to find out yours, those that you already used up this summer or if you go late on holidays as i do, those that you plan to take with you!

Happy holidays and talk to you soon! :)

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  1. I'll have to keep this list in mind the next time I go on holiday. Thanks so much for stopping by and following me! Following back. :D