Sunday, August 31, 2014

Aussie Miracle Recharge Take the Heat Leave in Spray

There are several devices that we all use to make our hair look pretty, from the simple hair drier to the most complicated curly iron and they all put our hair to the challenge of heat. For that reason a heat protection product should be always somewhere around to help us, protect our hair from any heat damage and make them look healthy and happy! 

The heat protection spray i picked this time is from Aussie, the Miracle Recharge Take The Heat Leave In Spray and i have to admit is one of the best heat protection product i have tried!

Aussie is an Australian company specializing in hair products. Their philosophy is that "There's more to life than hair but it's a good place to start'' that is why they have several different collections, with products that fit all of your needs and with ingredients that come straight from far away Australia! 

I always wanted to try some of their products so when during my holidays back home i found a 25% discount in Aussie products i couldn't resist but trying 1 or 2...better say the truth 3 products! One of them was a much needed hair protection spray which now has become my best friend... 

The Miracle Recharge Take The Heat product is a lightweight conditioning leave in spray containing Australian Jojoba Oil and Panthenol, both of them responsible to protect my hair from heat devices during styling and make them look "hot". 

I normally use it in semi dry hair, but it can be used in full wet or already dry hair. I spray 3-4 times all over my hair and then comb them with my brush so that the products spreads everywhere. Afterwards i just use my hair drier or any other heat device and make my hair style as wanted (you don't need to wash it!). I really like this heat protection spray for several reasons : apart from the nice bottle and the easy to use spray pump, once applied in my hair they de-tangle really easy and they smell amazing. After i dry my hair or use my straightening iron they feel soft and smooth and unlike other heat protection products they don't feel heavy and greezy even after the second day (which is pretty difficult to happen in thin hair like mine!). 

If you are looking for a light weight leave in spray that leaves your hair soft as silk and heat protected then i suggest to you the Aussie Miracle Recharge Take The Heat Leave In Spray! And if you want more information on the Aussie products and collections have a look at their website here and be sure that you will find incredible products that your hair will love (mine already are fond of 3 different treatment products for heat, frizz and color from Aussie and i am sure more will follow)!

Have you tried this or any other Aussie product for your hair and what is your opinion? I will be waiting for your comments!

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