Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Cream Powder by Inglot

A while ago the first Inglot Shop in Zurich opened in the Europahalle and of course i had to pay a visit on the opening day! Inglot is a well known brand for their colourful products, especially their eye shadows and they have really good prices for great value. What is also great is that you can mix and match their products however you like thanks to their freedom system. You can get one product you want or as a part of a palette that you can customize it depending on your needs.

I was tempted to buy a customized eye shadow palette but i know that i don't really wear color in my eyes (and i have plenty of natural color eye shadows already!) so i decided to try something that i needed, a powder. After checking several ones together with a really helpful Inglot make up assistant i went for a non conventional one, the Cream Powder! 

The consistency of this powder is dual : it comes as a cream that reminds you of a foundation but when you apply it in the face it turns into a powder leaving your face nice and matte. I have been using this powder for some time now and although in the beginning i had my doubts about it now i think it really started to work for me better than the normal powders i used.

When i used it the first times i had difficulty to apply the cream on my face and maybe i was using too much product so i needed longer to blend it in. After 2-3 applications i found how much is necessary for my skin and now it is easy and fast to apply it. I used different application tools, from my fingers to a sponge and a powder brush and i found that for my using my fingers is just perfect. The coverage of this powder is high and if you apply it with a sponge it gets even better. It has a matte effect and it leaves the skin smooth. I noticed that even applying it on top of the foundation it doesn't feel that heavy and now that the temperature is high it just keeps in place and works perfectly with the rest of my make up.

It is a product that might have scared me in the beginning but i really enjoy it now. I recommend it if you want a powder that gives you a lot of coverage and that it comes in an easy and compact way. It can be used by itself or together with your foundation and the packaging is so convenient that you can carry it with you in your bag and use it during the day, when you need to refresh your make up. And i recommend that you pass by also to an Inglot store next to you or scroll through their webpage and discover their great products!

Hope you enjoyed this review on the Cream Powder by Inglot. Have you tried it or any other products from Inglot? Always happy to hear your thoughts and experiences!

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