Friday, July 25, 2014

Aria Facial Sonic Cleansing by Clarisonic : facial cleaning for advanced users

From early July 2014 here in Switzerland the Clarisonic familly of cleansing devices welcomed a new interesting member, the ARIA Facial Sonic Cleansing, a device that will make you as excited as the other products available, Clarisonic Plus and Clarisonic Mia!

It has all the functions of the rest of Clarisonic devices, but with a bit more :
  • aerodynamic shape easier to handle during operation
  •  three diffferent speed levels with the possibility of navigation between them, for sensitive skin (level 1 / delicate), normal everyday cleansing (level 2 / universal) and in depth cleansing (level 3 / powerful) 
  • USB charging cable, making it easier to take it with you while travelling and to charge it everywhere

It is available in 3 different colours, white, pink and black and is fully waterproof, as well as its base, making it just perfect to use it in the bathroom.

And if you think is only for you ladies then you are just mistaken...there are plenty famous male users, among them Jake Gyllenhaal, Tom Ford and Christian Louboutin, that just really enjoy their Clarisonic Aria and swear on it. And they don't have to carry a white or pink one but the black one that is so stylish! So now the Clarisonic experience is unisex and promises to make male skin smooth and glowning.

If you are interested for you in Clarisonic Aria or you just want this black version for you man then you will find it exclusively in Marionnaud and costs 249 CHF. Visit their site  and meet Clarisonic Aria or find a store next to you! Believe me once you have Clarisonic in your life your face cleansing will become an unforgetable experience.

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