Friday, July 25, 2014

Aria Facial Sonic Cleansing by Clarisonic : facial cleaning for advanced users

From early July 2014 here in Switzerland the Clarisonic familly of cleansing devices welcomed a new interesting member, the ARIA Facial Sonic Cleansing, a device that will make you as excited as the other products available, Clarisonic Plus and Clarisonic Mia!

Monday, July 21, 2014

New Kiehl's Cornen in Globus Glatt

If you love Kiehl's then you cannot get enough of their stores, with their unique and well known pharmacist look, their great range of products and their lovely experts ready to help you and share with you their secrets! If you don't know Kiehl's or you are just not familiar with their stores then you should pass by one immediately! 



The newest Kiehl's corner just opened on 17th of July in Globus, located in the shopping center Glatt and already the KCR's, (Kiehl's Customer Representatives as they called), with their white pharmacist coats and their big smile are there for you to make you a Kiehl's fan!

And don't forget there are in total 11 Kiehl's selling points all over Switzerland, from Bern and Basel, to Lausanne, Geneve and Zurich, with the latest hosting the flagship store at Rennweg 23, just in the heart of the city, making it just easier to feel the Kiehl's magic in every place you are!

So see you in Kiehl's Glatt! 

Kiehl's Selling Points in Switzerland : 

Kiehl's Flagship Store - Rennweg 23 Zurich (check my previous post here for a small preview)

Kiehl's Corners :
  • Globus Bern 
  • Globus Lausanne
  • Globus Zurich
  • Manor Zurich
  • Globus Bellevue
  • Globus Glatt
  • Globus Geneva
  • Manor Geneva
  • Parfumerie Oswald Zug
  • Manor Basel
Kiehl's online store : 
Kiehl's on Facebook :

Friday, July 11, 2014

Miss Rebel Nail Polish by L'Oreal : the jeans effect

You want a nice manicure this summer, that has an interesting color and effect and makes a statement? Then get away from the ordinary and check out the Miss Rebel Nail Polish Collection by L'Oreal, nail polishes that will give you a nice jeans effect and will make your nails stand out! 

L'Oreal released the Summer 2014 Miss Denim collection earlier this Spring and brings several products that are inspired by our favorite demin texture. Among lipsticks and eyeliners there are also great nail polishes that you are just going to love this summer like i did already!

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Cream Powder by Inglot

A while ago the first Inglot Shop in Zurich opened in the Europahalle and of course i had to pay a visit on the opening day! Inglot is a well known brand for their colourful products, especially their eye shadows and they have really good prices for great value. What is also great is that you can mix and match their products however you like thanks to their freedom system. You can get one product you want or as a part of a palette that you can customize it depending on your needs.

I was tempted to buy a customized eye shadow palette but i know that i don't really wear color in my eyes (and i have plenty of natural color eye shadows already!) so i decided to try something that i needed, a powder. After checking several ones together with a really helpful Inglot make up assistant i went for a non conventional one, the Cream Powder!