Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Bag of Empties Vol 3!

The bag of empties is full so it's time for another Empties Post! It includes hair, face and body products and something for the nails but not make up this time. Let's see what is hidden inside my empties bag! 

1) Dove Gofresh Anti-Transpirant Deodorant and Dove Original Anti-Transpirant Deo-Spray : i have a great love for Dove Deodorands and the GoFresh line is my favorite, especially this one with grapefruit and lemongrass scent. They protect you all day from any unwanted smell, they care for your body and they are just great! Totally recommend both of them and i already have a back up for the GoFresh Deodorand. 

2) Balea Color Hair Mask, Balea Mango and Aloe Vera Hair Mask, L'Oreal Elseve Ultra Concentrate : all three hair products, its one with a different action. The Balea Color Hair Mask did give a nice boost in my hair color but my hair felt a bit heavy afterwards, whereas the Balea Mango and Aloe Vera Hair Mask for dry/damaged hair was just perfect, not only in the scent but also in leaving my hair smooth, light and happy. As for the L'Oreal Elseve Ultra Concentrate i used it once every week in small portions in the ends of my hair but i didn't really see any big improvement to my hair. All products are really good but the one that will be for sure repurchased is the Balea Mango and Aloe Vera Hair Mask. 

3) Montagne Jeunesse Fruit Smoothie and Peel Off Mask : i have already talked to you about the Montagne Jeunesse face masks which are great (have a look here) and so this time i decided to try more of them. The fruit smoothie smells incredible rasberries and mango, has a nice texture, is easy to apply and leaves the skin smooth and glowing. The Peel Off Mask with cucumber was a pleasant surprise since after 2-3 minutes in my face i started feeling a nice freshness in my face, which was there even when i peeled off the mask and cleaned any remainings. As for my skin, it was really hydrated and fresh! 

4) Sephora Express Nail Polish Remover : my love for this product is already known (if you need a reminder just read here) and i always bring 2 bottles with me back from home since there is no Sephora here. Now that is empty and i have to wait until August to buy more, i replaced it with one from Essence but still this is always the best! If you haven't tried it yet just go!! Nail polish remove is just so easy!

5) Balea Body Shower Cream Mandarine and Fa Vitamin E and Guava Body Shower Gel : i am all about nice and fruity smells in my shower so those two products filled my shower with mandarine and guava, left my skin smooth, hydrated and fresh! It's the first time i tried a Balea Body Shower Cream and i really enjoyed it. As for the Fa products, i always like their scent and texture and the way they leave my skin. And the Vitamin and Power line is all you need for summer! 

Those were my empties, i hope you enjoyed reading and let me know what is your empty product of the month? Do you use any of the ones that are in my empties bag and what is your opinion?

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