Sunday, June 01, 2014

Test Mini Products 4

This time for the test mini product series post i have for your two different products: one for the eyes and one for the face ! Let's see how those products did this week.

The face product i tried was a sample from Korres, the Milk Proteins 3 in 1 Cleansing Emulsion. I guess most of you know already the Korres products, since they have become international the last years and their products are among the loved ones all over the world. If not then pass by their website here and have a look!

This one i carried it with me the last weeks in my gym bag for removing my make up there and i enjoyed using it. It has a nice scent, a very light creamy texture and it removes the make up leaving the skin fresh and moisturized. The only downside is that i found it a bit light for my eye make up, so i had to use a bit more in that area whereas in the rest of the face it worked perfectly fine. But it didn't cause any irritation in my eyes which is something that i appreciate a lot from cream products.

All in all the Milk Protein 3 in 1 Cleansing Emulsion is a good product, with natural ingredients and free of parabens and other chemicals that i definately recommend as a cleansing emulsion. And if you use really strong eye make up just work it in combination with a specific eye make up remover so that in the end you have a fresh, toned and moisturized skin!

The second sample product i used was from Kiehl's (oh you know i love this brand!) and it was the Rosa Arctica Eye cream, i got it on my last visit in the Kiehl's shop in the bloggers event (check an overview here).

I used the Rosa Arctica Eye cream every night for the past days and i saw a small change regarding the firmness of my skin in the eye area and its brighteness. It has a very thick texture as a cream so a small amount is just enough for both eyes, but it wasn't difficult to apply. I could feel my eyes fresh and they seemed brighter day by day and what i really liked was that the eye area was moisturized a lot, so even the next morning my conciler was easier to apply and my skin didn't feel so dry.

I really like Kiehl's products and the Rosa Arctica Eye cream was a nice addition to my skin routine the last days. I would recommend this cream if you want to protect your skin from lines and wrinkles around the eye area or you want to diminish them and for intense moisturizing, but i wouldn't use it under any make up or conciler since it is pretty thick and you can definately feel it.

Hope you enjoyed these two mini products! Have you ever tried any of those and what did you think? Always good to hear your opinions! 

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