Saturday, June 07, 2014

Gliss Kur Hair Repair Six Miracles Oil Essence

For some time now i wanted to try a nice hair oil for my hair routine but i couldn't decide among all those products that i find in the shops and all those reviews that i have read. So, when in my May Pinkbox i found a vial of the Gliss Kur Hair Repair Six Miracles Oil Essence i was really happy since i had one to try! And i have to admit it is a very good product, which i should have bought by myself and not spend all that time searching. Anyway, i have it now, it was been a part of my everyday hair routine and i really enjoy it so i want to share with you what i think about it!

The Gliss Kur Six Miracle Oil Essence comes in a 75ml bottle, in the colours of light and dark brown and is a very concentrated oil. It contains several different oils with four really important for the hair.  Pequi oil from the Brazilian fruit known as ''souari nut'', Marula oil extracted from the nuts of the Marula tree, Argan oil extracted from the nuts of the Argan tree in Morocco and the very famous Monoi Oil from Tahiti. All those promise to work together and do 6 miracles to your hair : hydration, heat protection, less split ends, easily combed hair, anti frizz and shiny hair and i have to admit that they keep their promise, at least for my hair!

I use a small amount, 1-2 pumps is more than enough, every morning and i apply it in semi dry hair, just before i blow dry and style them. I try to apply it only from the middle of the hair towards the ends, emphasizing more there and then i just quickly comb my hair so that it spreads everywhere. I noticed that my hair are easier to straighten with the hair dryer and they stay straight and without frizzing through the whole day. My hair don't feel heavy after using it, even if i have oily hair in general, they are shiny and smooth and my hair colour looks more vivid. From the first days of use i noticed that my hair look healthier and really structured. And to top all that the smell of this hair oil is just amazing...fresh and indulging scent that is kept through the day!

For me the Gliss Kur Hair Repair Six Miracle Oil Essence worths trying it since it can do wonders to your hair and it can make them look healthy and happy! The price is on the low end so you get a great product in good value!

Have you tried the Gliss Kur Hair Repair Six Miracle Oil Essence and what do you think? If not, do you have any favorite hair oil to suggest? Will be waiting for your comments!


  1. I should check this on the drugstore. Not sure if we have this in Indonesia. But I'm so curious with the scent.

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