Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Biotherm Self Tanning Gel

Summer is here even in Switzerland the last month and is that time of the year when shorts and skirts are taking their place in my closet, make up becomes more light and colorful and tanning products are taken out of storage for use or new ones are added in my collection. 

I have tried several tanning products,either those that are part of a body cream and give you a nice glow or those that gradually get you a nice tan. Of course i already have some favorites and some that i wouldn't go near them again but each year i try at least a new one! 

This years new pick was the Biotherm Self Tanning Gel which i will briefly present to you in this post. 

And the tanning marathon begins...

I picked the Biotherm Self Tanning Gel the second week of May and used it almost once per week just to have a nice tan and to enchance the one i got by sun bathing two days in a row some time ago (afterwards plenty of work or rain the days i had free time so no sunbathing for me!).

It comes in a concentrated gel form, which has a transparent light brown color and is easy to apply. It has DHA of vegetal origin and as almost all self tanning products it doesn't protect from the sun, so don''t forget to apply your usual sun protection!

I avoid applying it with bare hands, since i don't want the color stick on them. Instead i am using a mitt, adding a small amount in my skin and applying it with circular moves all over my body. Once finished i let it dry for 15 minutes (although you can feel it dries faster) so that my clothes don't get brown and then wait at least 6 hours before taking a shower. Normally i apply it in the night so when i wake up in the morning i just have to take a shower and see my nice tan. Since i want it to look natural, i don't apply every day, just once per week to maintain it. It lasts about 5-6 days and of course i keep my skin hydrated for long lasting effect!

It is easy to apply and is absorbed pretty quickly from the skin. What i mostly enjoyed about this product is how hydrated my skin feels in every application, something that i usually don't find in other self tanning products and also the scent of the gel. It is very light and discreat, nothing in comparison to other self tanning products that somethimes smell really bad...

And as with all self tanning products, if you don't do a nice peeling before applying it and your skin is not hydrated properly then streaks are difficult to avoid, although with this product they were not that obvious. I got one or two small ones from my mistake of not applying it correctly and still i could fix them immediately the next day.

In general, the Biotherm Self Tanning Gel is a very good product, easy to use and with really natural results. I will keep using it the next weeks and for sure it is one of the products that i will definately choose next year to have it in my next tanning period!

Have you tried the Biotherm Self Tanning Gel and what do you think? Do you have any other favorite tanning product? Let me know your opinion!


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