Thursday, May 01, 2014

Vetiver and Black Tea Eau de Toilette by Kiehl's: the revitalizing natural spray

I recently received a new product by Kiehl's to try it and i want to share with you my excitement about the Vetiver and Black Tea Eau de Toilette, a natural spray that i am sure you will all love once you try it!

The words of  the Assistant Vice President - Fragrance Development in Kiehl's, David Suffit can perfectly summarize the escence of this natural spray: " Kiehl's Vetiver and Black Tea provides a rich fragrance experience with balanced fragrance notes". There is a harmony between the ingredients of this eau de toilette, resulting in a very unique and refreshing blend.

On the one hand the Vetiver fusion, collected from sustainable crop farms on the Haitian slopes and extracted with a 24 hour technique to release its real scent. On the other hand the Black Tea Ceylon from Sri Lanka which is extracted with respect and smoothness so that it retains its intoxicating and authentic scent, resembling that of citrus. Those two together with hints of spicy pepper and wood create a natural spray that resembles no other and that will travel you to exotic places.

From the exotic natural ingredients treated with care and attention, so that they reveal their real aromatic possibilities and provide balance notes, to the plain but lovely package that this woody and sweet spray is kept in, everything is working together for a great experience when using the Vetiver and Black Tea Eau de Toilette. I find it light, fresh and revitalizing, everything that my spring/summer fragrance should be. And i have to admit its scent gives me confidence and makes me feel free and sexy!

Apart from the eau de toilette the Vetiver and Black Tea line consists of another two products, a Body Cleanser and a Body Lotion, making this experience even more interesting.

This is a great product from Kiehl's that  respects the ingredients,combines them perfectly and meets the needs of their clients. I would definately recommend to try the Kiehl's Vetiver and Black Tea Eau de Toillette and believe me you and everybody around you will feel its intoxicating powers and get carried away.

For more information visit the Kiehl's site or a store next to you! There you will be able to find all the Vetiver and Black Tea line products as well as all old favorites and new ones entering the Kiehl's family!

**Disclaimer: This product was provided to me to test it as a PR product but the post reflects exclusively my opinions and ideas for the product.


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