Saturday, May 24, 2014

Kiehl's Meet and Greet Event in Zurich: A lovely experience

I am so excited to share with you the Meet and Greet Event for bloggers that took place on Monday at the Kiehl's flagship store in Zurich! It was a very pleasant experience for me, where i got to meet people of the Kiehl's family, spend time in this small and cute place and get to know more about my skin care and the products that this great brand has!

A while ago the Passion For Brands company contact me to attend a blogger's meeting in Kiehl's main store in Zurich and since i really love this brand and its products i couldn't say no! So, on a sunny Monday evening i found myself outside the Kiehl's store in Rennweg 21 in the center of Zurich! I have been several times there but this time everything seemed just great!After meeting the organizers of the event i had a personal introduction to the skin care products by a Kiehl's expert. 

As a first step we had to define my skin type, which by no surprise to me it is dry/oil type. Then, she just explained to me what will be an appropriate routine for my skin and its needs, for the morning when i have less time for my cleansing routine, to the evening when i could have a longer skin care session! She explained different combinations with those products and we talked about their ingredients and power. I had the chance to try several different products, to ask many questions regarding my needs and of course to get some of those home to try them (soon will write more about those products since i already start using them and feel excited)!

After my session was over i spend time exploring the rest of the Kiehl's amazing shop and learn a bit more about the story of the company! I also got to talk to all of the lovely people there,who were really friendly and helpful! They just answered all my questions for the products and even explained to me some products from the men's skin care line, which i have to convince now my boyfriend to start using! 

It was a great evening for me and i am really happy i had the chance to attend an event like that! Kiehl's is a favorite company of mine and i enjoy their products so now i feel even happier to know more about their story and all of their product lines! For sure, i will visit again their Flagship store and get some of the Kiehl's love again! Thank you Passion of Brands and Kiehl's for this great opportunity!

Do you use Kiehl's products and do you know about the company? Will be happy to listen to your opinion and experience! 


  1. Sounds like a cool event, I 've been to the store in Zurich it is really nice, here in Bern we have only a counter in Globus. I liked everything I have tried so far by them and their BB cream is my favorite! Looking forward to your reviews

  2. It was a nice one! We are lucky since we have a whole store plus counters in Manor and Globus! Their products are on the top of my list of favorites and the new i tried are just great! Will review them soon! :)