Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Easy and Fast Recipe: Chocolate Toast

This time the easy and fast recipe will be something sweet, an easy dessert with simple ingredients that for sure you have at home and that is perfect for those sweet cravings (mine was on a Sunday afternoon when i decided to make it!)! Let's meet the Chocolate Toast!

There are several recipes around the internet for a sweet toast, different ways of making it and with different fillings. For me sweet toast means two slices of toast bread, a mix of chocolate spread, in this case the delicious Nutella, with milk and some fruits on the side to make it even sweeter. In this recipe the toast is not fried with butter, just grilled in the oven enough for the chocolate to melt and taste heavenly!

For two toasts you need :

4 slices of toast bread

2-3 table spoons of chocolate spread (Nutella)

1 table spoon milk


fresh fruits for the side

 Mix Nutella and milk well (if it is too solid then add more milk).

 Spread the mix on the one side of two toast breads.

Form two toasts, spread in the upper side a bit of cinnamon and put it in the oven, on the grill function until they are toasted from both sides (if needed flip in between). In the meantime, chop fresh fruits like strawberries in small pieces.

When toasts are ready, cut in the middle and serve with chopped fruits. Enjoy! 

It can be eaten any time because it is easy and fast to make! In the morning enjoy it with your coffee as a nice start for your day and in the evening as snack with a glass of milk! Delicious!

Hope you like this easy and fast recipe and will be waiting for your feedback if you try it and for more ideas for fillings!


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