Sunday, April 13, 2014

Somersby Apple Original : the absolute drink that wants you to "Stay Open Minded"

When i was writing this post the situation was the following:

it was a perfect spring Sunday evening, warm and sunny and  had my windows open for fresh air to come in. I had just gotten back from a nice evening with friends and i was sitting in front of my computer, writing this post...And with me i had THE DRINK to keep me company, the Somersby Apple Original!Do you know it? If not let me introduce you to the absolute spring/summer drink!

A while ago Coolbrandz was once again running a great campain about a new drink launching soon in Switzerland. I didn't know what it was or how it tastes and i immediately got curious to try it! So Coolbrandz and Somersby Switzerland were really kind and send me 24 bottles of the drink to share with my friends and taste it and become a Somersby Coolbrander (sooooo cooooool)!!!.

To start with, i payed a good look at the packaging. Somersby drink comes in a 33 cl glass bottle with a tree as a logo and nice combination of yellow, green and gold colours,matching the gold colour of the drink! At first sight the colours and packaging gets you prepared for a nice taste...that you actually find when you try it!

It is an apple based drink with 4.5% alcohol and a bit of sparkle. It has a distinct,crisp and refreshing apple taste that makes it a nice sparkling drink. To me, that i am not a big fan of apple drinks, it was just the right amount to make me wanna drink more and more. It is fresh, funky and chilled is just the perfect companion for everything! 

I think that i found the drink for spring and summer and from now on this will be my companion during warm days! I already imagine sunny evenings in June, after work next to the river, with my nice bikini (i am working on bikini body but i need time and to get away from sweets...!) and in my hand a nice chilled bottle of Somersby Apple to refresh me! Cannot wait for it! And as Somersby's moto proposes we need to "Stay open minded" so i am not surprised that this drink will follow me in all the crazy summer moments i intend to have!

 I decided to enjoy Somersby together with friends so that they can also learn this great drink! For this reason we got together one day and throwed a game night/apero ! We decided to gather together, played "Pictionary" (it was one that we created ourselves so you can imagine that it had many weird words to describe) and had some bottles of Somersby Apple. A bit of tasty alcohol makes it more fun and difficult to draw after a bit let me tell you that!

Thank you Lord Somersby for putting summer in a bottle and creating this really tasty drink! And thank you Coolbrandz and Somersby Switzerland for giving me the opportunity to try it! If you want to try Somersby Apple it is available by 1st of April in the Swiss market,! Do not miss it! And don't forget "Stay Open Minded"!

If you want to learn more about Somersby Apple Original visit their great webpage or their facebook page (unfortunately is only in German, French or Italian) where not only you can read about the drink but you can also meet Lord Somersby, this cool guy bringing us Somersby Apple! And of course you can see all those like me that we already tried this drink in Switzerland! Happy faces everywhere!

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