Monday, March 24, 2014

"You need a blooming shower" by Anatomicals

If i had to put my last week in an equation that will be :

work + stress + deadlines + last minute presentations = not enough food+sleeping in front of my computer + no post lately ...

As you can imagine it was a  full and crazy week and the weekend was just relaxing away from computer and from anything that will cause more stress (the life of a phD is just driving me nuts)! And among all that craziness i find those 15 minutes taking a shower really relaxing, especially because i have been using a new body wash the "You need a blooming shower" by Anatomicals, the main part of today's post (did you think i was gonna complain a bit more? Nooooo)!

This body wash cleanser was a part of my last months PinkBox and it has been sitting for a while aside,since i had plenty of other opened. One day i enter my bathroom, i saw the title "You need a blooming shower" and i immediately said "Yeah you bet i do"! So i used it for the first time and since then this is my relaxing paradise.

It is a product of Anatomicals company, which i never tried before but i have seen here and there in posts and pictures of other bloggers and i always wanted to test. From the outside i really like the bottle, is girly and funky, pink with yellow cap and is a mood changer. The body wash has a gelly texture of light pink colour and the smell is just amazing. A small amount produces a lot of foam that has a very distinct scent of rose. It feels like you are in a rose garden with pink and red and yellow roses blooming around you and giving you this intoxicated scent... I jsut love it because i relax when i use it, i imagine gardens and flowers and butterflies and all those pretty and calm things and the stress is gone! 

I will for sure buy and test more products of this company since i really enjoy this one.

Also the men's products are on my list for my boyfriend to test so maybe that will be a small present for him!

Did you hear before Anatomicals and their products and what do you thing? I will wait for your feedback! 

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