Sunday, March 09, 2014

Testing Mini Products 1

 Last week while i was cleaning my bathroom drowers i found a box with plenty of mini size products and samples from several companies that i totally forgot about! I get once in a while some from beauty stores when i buy other products or from beauty boxes and i tend to forget them. Now that they are plenty i decided to use them up and with this way i will explore new products and save some money (in order to buy more foul size ones!). 

So i will try 1-2 new sample or mini size products and by the end of the week i will post my opinions here! And to start, this week i tried 2 products for the face, the Purifying pore-tightening lotion from Normaderm Vichy (it was part of the PinkBox October) and the Kiehl's Eye Alert cream and let's see what it came out of it!

The Vichy Normaderm Purifying pore-tightening lotion comes in a small 30ml sample which was enough to use every day for 7 days. I used it as a part of my evening face cleaning routine, by adding a small amount to a cotton pad and applied it all over my face after my cleansing.

It contains salicylic acid and Vichy Thermal Spa Water which are good for cleansing the face, taking of the everyday dirt and debris and calming down any blemishes and breakdowns (which i have to admit that the last days appeared in my face for no reason). It also contains alchohol but it is not so strong in the smell or the feeling on my face while i used it. After 2-3 days of use i noticed that my face was smoother and brighter and that 1-2 spots of acme did calm down, while my pores were tightened. I use everyday the Cleansing lotion from the 3 step skin care program by Clinique, which is a favorite of mine, so if i had to compare them i would say that the Vichy is a bit milder but still has a great effect. Also the full size is a bit cheaper than the Clinique so if you are looking a cheap alternative then this is a good one!

The second product i tried from my samples is the Kiehl's Eye Alert, an energy booster to combat puffiness and dark circles. I got this product once i visited the Kiehl's shop here in Zurich and i was looking for an eye cream, so they gave me some samples to try before i decide.

This sample had 1.5ml of product and i was able to use it for about 4 times since i found that a small amount is enough for a good result. I have to admit that this is a very fast acting product, with immediate results under the eyes. I used it two times in the morning when i was pretty tired and my dark circles were more than obvious so i wanted to look a bit fresh (and not like a zombie!) and two times at night after cleaning my face. In both cases i could see how my area under the eyes had less puffiness and the dark circles were reduced, while my look was fresh and didn't show that tired. I guess the presence of Vitamin E and cucumber does miracles to calm down the area and also the caffeine that contains won the battle against fatigue! I will definately try and purchase this product since it seemed to work perfect and i need it, especially for those days that not even good make up can make my dark circles disappear!

Those were the 2 first mini products i tried this week! Do you know them and have you tried them? What do you think? Will be waiting your opinions and see you soon!


  1. I, too, had the Kiehl's Eye Alert sample and it lasted me for over a week or so. I love it so much that I bought the full-sized one. I love deluxe samples as I feel like I could tell if I'm going to like the product if the sample last me a few uses.

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    1. It's just perfect! Thanks for following and see you around! :)