Sunday, March 30, 2014

Test Mini Products 2

This weeks Mini Products test round is related to hair. I used for four days (a sample for 2 days) a new shampoo and conditioner line from Pantene and here is what i think of them! 

Some days ago i got a letter from Coop promoting the Pantene Expert Collection and with it i got a sample of the AntiAge shampoo and Conditioner. The same was send to a friend of mine but since she didn't want to try them ,she gave them to me so that i have more product and get a better opinion. 

The AntiAge Collection from Pantene Expert consists of Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Mask and an Intensive Treatment leave on product and has a triple action of Vitamin B3, panthenol and caffeine promising to make your hair stronger and with more volume. This is the weapons for fighting hair aging! 

I tried the shampoo and conditioner for 4 days straight and i have to say that it is a really good product. They both have a thick,creamy texture and a very plain smell, characteristic of Pantene products and they can be easily applied in the hair. My hair at this point were not dyed for 3 months almost and a bit damaged from the everyday use of heat and styling products. So even after 4 days of using those products, they seemed to have more volume and looked thicker and healthier. They felt smooth and didn't frizz at all the next day. What i didn't like is that the were feeling a bit greazy the first two days of application but it got better afterwards.

I am definately intrigued to try this product and the whole line. It is a bit expensive for a normal shampoo and conditioner but now that i had a chance to try it and i also got a voucher for 50% off together with the samples i will go immediately and buy the series and get a more detailed opinion about it! Maybe my hair will look younger after some time of use so why not try it?

Do you know the new Pantene Expert AntiAge Collection and what is your opinion? Will love to hear more from you!

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