Sunday, March 16, 2014

Pure Calmille Face and Body Comfort Cream by Yves Rocher

The last months i am having a bit trouble with the skin in my legs. It gets easily dry and irritated, it feels itchy and i need to scratch it, especially in the ankle area. The result is not pleasant at all, small scratches and wounds that take time to heal, small red spots in my skin and dry feeling after anyting i do, more obvious after shaving. I used the normal body creams i have around but it seems that they irritated it more. So i had to find something to get rid of this situation (summer is coming so i don't want more mess in my legs than i already have!) and also to stop the itchyness that really disturbed me. 

A small visit to Yves Rocher store in Zurich and it was enough to find the perfect solution...a natural based cream that will be a savior...Meet Yves Rocher's Pure Calmille Face and Body Comfort Cream!

This cream has as main ingredient chamomile extracts harvested from La Gacilly in France and is a 2 in 1 product since it can be used for face and body, convenient for those cases you cannot carry too many creams with you. I really like the package, which is 125ml white, round and from firm plastic, with a very cute chamomile picture, having its center shaped in heart.


The cream itself has a very thick consistency and a great smell of chamomile, noticable the minute you open the package. It is easy to apply and it is absorbed really quickly, without feeling the skin or your hands greazzy. I apply a small amount everyday all over my legs and focus mostly on the areas i have the scratches and wounds and i saw results even from the first days of use. My legs feel soft, hydrated and smoother, while any irritation calmed down and any big wounds have healed already. I have been using this cream for about 2 weeks now and i think is my savior! I also tried it several times in my face in cases that i wanted to feel refreshed or that my skin felt irritated and it was comforting a lot (i tried it after a day in the mountains with the sun shining all day and my face exposed to it and it was just perfect)!

I recommend you to try this cream if you want something with a soft smell and the healing and comforting properties of chamomile!

Did you know this cream from Yves Rocher and if yes what do you think? 

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