Sunday, March 30, 2014

Test Mini Products 2

This weeks Mini Products test round is related to hair. I used for four days (a sample for 2 days) a new shampoo and conditioner line from Pantene and here is what i think of them! 

Monday, March 24, 2014

"You need a blooming shower" by Anatomicals

If i had to put my last week in an equation that will be :

work + stress + deadlines + last minute presentations = not enough food+sleeping in front of my computer + no post lately ...

As you can imagine it was a  full and crazy week and the weekend was just relaxing away from computer and from anything that will cause more stress (the life of a phD is just driving me nuts)! And among all that craziness i find those 15 minutes taking a shower really relaxing, especially because i have been using a new body wash the "You need a blooming shower" by Anatomicals, the main part of today's post (did you think i was gonna complain a bit more? Nooooo)!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Pure Calmille Face and Body Comfort Cream by Yves Rocher

The last months i am having a bit trouble with the skin in my legs. It gets easily dry and irritated, it feels itchy and i need to scratch it, especially in the ankle area. The result is not pleasant at all, small scratches and wounds that take time to heal, small red spots in my skin and dry feeling after anyting i do, more obvious after shaving. I used the normal body creams i have around but it seems that they irritated it more. So i had to find something to get rid of this situation (summer is coming so i don't want more mess in my legs than i already have!) and also to stop the itchyness that really disturbed me. 

A small visit to Yves Rocher store in Zurich and it was enough to find the perfect solution...a natural based cream that will be a savior...Meet Yves Rocher's Pure Calmille Face and Body Comfort Cream!

Sunday, March 09, 2014

Testing Mini Products 1

 Last week while i was cleaning my bathroom drowers i found a box with plenty of mini size products and samples from several companies that i totally forgot about! I get once in a while some from beauty stores when i buy other products or from beauty boxes and i tend to forget them. Now that they are plenty i decided to use them up and with this way i will explore new products and save some money (in order to buy more foul size ones!). 

So i will try 1-2 new sample or mini size products and by the end of the week i will post my opinions here! And to start, this week i tried 2 products for the face, the Purifying pore-tightening lotion from Normaderm Vichy (it was part of the PinkBox October) and the Kiehl's Eye Alert cream and let's see what it came out of it!

Saturday, March 01, 2014

Easy and Fast Recipe :Tuna filled Tortillas

I have been thinking the last days about the that more people are following it (thank you all!!!) i want to try some things and take it a step further! Of course i will continue writing about beauty related things but i want to add also some everyday life stuff, those that i enjoy and i want to share with you! The blog's name is "Just a Bit of All'' so i guess it is about time to become more versatile! Would love any recommendations and ideas...your feedback is always important and i am happy to listen to what you have to say! 

So to begin the changes of the blog i am starting today a new series the "Easy and Fast Recipe''...I have to make my own food to take everyday at work (since there is no cafeteria or food provided where i work) and i try to keep it healthy...Of course i love cooking and baking and sometimes i spend hours in the kitchen, but when i go home on a weekday late and tired all i want is to put together something easy for the next day's lunch, that is also not so complicate to carry! One of those recipes is my own version of Tuna filled Tortillas that i have today for you!