Thursday, February 13, 2014

Maybelline Baby Lips vs Carmex Cherry: the war of the lip balms

 Ahhh the war of lip balms...Me and them have a long history....I don't know why but i am really picky when it comes to lip balms and i struggle finding the perfect one. I have several running around, at home, at work, in my pockets and my bags and if i don't really like it then i never finish it and buy a new one. The last days i am using two different lip balms that i have to admit come close to the ideal for me and so i though i present them to you! I talk about the Maybelline Baby Lips Quenched and the Carmex Cherry Lip Balm Tube probably well known to most of you.So let's start the battle and see which will be the winner...

Baby Lips Lip Balm : although is available for quite a while in Switzerland i only got it recently, just because i didn't like the whole fuss that was created about it. I was a bit skeptical in the beggining but when i saw it in the Maybelline stand in Germany and in a great price (i think it was about 2-3 euros) i thought i'll give it a try.

I chose the light blue tube with the natural colour, since i am afraid about bright colours in lip balms. The package is nice and funky, it is convenient to use and there is plenty of product in it. The smell is not strong and it moisturizes my lips immediately, even now that is really cold and my lips are not in there best shape. It doesn't shine too much, it has a creamy texture and it doesn't feel heavy in my lips, which i really like it. The bad side for me is that it doesn't stay long in my lips and i have to apply often. They claim that it has an 8 hour protection effect which for me doesn't seem to be that way. I have to renew it every now and then for my lips to be completely smooth and the effect fades away faster than expected. 

Carmex Cherry Lip Balm Tube: i got this product as part of my January PinkBox and when i saw it i wasn't so excited...the cherry flavor made me hold back. Once i started using it i found out that i judged too soon. The cherry flavor is not annoying at all and in fact is really delicious. 

It has a nice yellow packaging with red cap, it is easy to use with the round area on the top of the squeezable tube and is actually really moisturizing. I like the "sticky" texture, feels like a lip gloss but not so shiny, the immediate relief it gives to my damaged lips and of course the feeling of freshness i get by the menthol it contains. It stays in my lips longer than the Baby Lips, maybe because of the different texture and the effect is obvious even after several hours, with smooth and moisturized lips. Cracks have disappeared and my lips are getting their natural shape and colour back.

Both products are really good and made it close to my ideal lip balm but if i have to choose one i will definately go for the Carmex Cherry Lip Balm. 

Of course i want to try more of the Maybelline Baby Lips line and see how they are working on my lips and i will finish this tube but for sure i am going to repurchase the Carmex tube and try not to eat the lip balm from my lips!

Have you tried those two products and what do you think? Do you have any other lip balms to propose that might win this war?I will be waiting for your thoughts!


  1. I wasn't sold on the maybelline baby lips either. You have a new follower from the brightside blog hop.

    Melissa xx

    1. Everybody is so excited with Baby lips but for me is not that great! Thanks for following, see you around! :)

  2. Love Carmex tube ,one of my favorite brand!
    Would you like to follow each other on GFC,let me know on my blog and i follow you back !

    1. It has become one of my favorites too! Will pass by on your blog! :)