Sunday, February 09, 2014

Garnier Natural Beauty Shampoo and Conditioner

The last weeks have been a bit rough, since always after Christmas holidays there is a lot of work and things to be taken care of. Unlike my everyday life, which is busy and messy, my hair are going through an excellent period. They are nicely growing long, they have a perfect sweet and warm brown/blonde colour and they are strong and soft. All in all they are the only thing that just works at once, without really trying hard. 

This nice situation i owe it mostly on my new resolution to use more natural products in my hair. So i started with my natural based coloring technique (i will try to write a post later with the products i used with my hairdresser and i got with me to keep the colour because they have excited me) and i continued by picking shampoos and conditioners that have natural ingredients. And among them are many products from the Garnier Natural Beauty series. 

In this post i will talk briefly about the Vanilla Milk and Papaya Balsam Shampoo and the same Conditioner which are the ones i use the past weeks, with small intervals of a shampoo for colored hair from Herbal Essences (this is definately a post i will write soon since i think i found the best shampoo for colored hair finally)!

 The Vanilla Milk and Papaya Balsam line is suitable for long and ''stressed" hair, those that go through a lot of styling and need extra help to remain smooth and soft. The shampoo has a light and creamy texture and a small amount (size of an almond) is enough to create a lot of foam. It also has an exotic and fruity smell, something that i like it. It is rinsed easily and the hair even without conditioner are really soft.

The conditioner is also really good and in combination with the shampoo they seem to do wonders in my hair. I apply again a small portion avoiding the root area this time and leave it for 2-3 minutes, when i rinse with water. My hair are sleek and i can untangle them fast with my brush, without breaking them. Even after blow dry and styling they are radiant, they don't frizz and they have a nice scent! And most important they don't get oily at all, even after 2 days.

Apart from all the above reasons i mentioned why i really like those products, i have to add that they are free of parabens, so if we can avoid chemicals and get an excellent result why not try it right?

I recommend you to try this Garnier products from the Natural Beauty line and if you cannot find the specific ones have a look for any other of the same series. I have tried several and already talked to you in previous post but i will try even more in the future and let you know. I am sure that you will love them and i will be waiting for your opinion!

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