Friday, January 17, 2014

Montagne Jeunesse Face Masks : vegetables for your skin

Face masks are an essential part of my skin care routine and i always try to find the ones with natural ingredients that will make my skin look radiant and fresh! So when Coolbrandz send me to try two Montagne Jeunesse Face Masks i couldn't be more excited.

Montagne Jeunesse is a company producing several skin care products and to me were known for their face mask. Their products are vegeterian and consist of whatever grows under the sun. What is also great is that the company cares about the animals and the environment. The products are not tested in animals and they try to work in an eco friendly way. Their website is quite great for more information about their story and their products.

I will give you some more information about the ones i tried, that is Dead Sea Mud Spa and the Passion Peel Off face masks and tell you how i felt about using them. So let's get started!

First aspect is the packaging... The masks come in single use bags that are easy to carry with you and the material is pretty resistant, so they are convenient even for travelling. What caught my attention was the colours and shapes...they are really funky and made me feel happy even by looking at them. I noticed that the Passion Peel Off mask has pictures of pomengrate and passion flower on the bag so i could immediately tell what are the main ingredients. And on the back of the package, clear instructions of how to apply the product, nice and to the point information of the ingredients and in two languages, something that is really important for me. All in all +1 for the package design and apperance and for infos...

Let's see the inside...The Peel Off Passion is in a jelly form,with a red colour and perfect scent! I applied easily the mask in clean face (the amount is more than enough) and i got really refreshed by the smell of pomengrate and passion Flower by the first minute. During 15 minutes that i waited, the mask became firm and one with my skin. I did feel the tension as i was trying to make moves with my face but nothing that bothered me. After the 15 minutes i could just peel off the mask from my face and then ready. Unfortunately, i was in a hurry and didn't peel it in one piece so no picture but if i was not running late it would have been easy to do it.

The Dead Sea Mud Spa mask was a nice surprise. It is an actual mask, that is a fabric in the shape of face that contains the ingredients of the mask. I just put in on my face, pressed with my fingers so that it attaches and relaxed for 15 minutes. And then just removed the fabric and rinsed my face. I enjoyed the smell that was fresh and reminded me of the sea and also the feeling during application. It was like a fresh sea breeze in my face that relaxed me even more.

Both masks were easy and quick to apply and after the 15-20 minute application time i could already see my face and skin changed. It was clean and glowing, looking fresh just like i came back from a spa. The same compliments i got from my friends the days after, that i look relaxed and my skin had a nice healthy colour. Many of those asked what is my trick and i just had to tell them two words : Montagne Jeunesse. And of course they are going to buy products and try them by their own immediately!

It was a great experience using the face masks from Montagne Jeunesse and the brand's statement that their products "provide an experience of pure enjoyment and natural simplicity"  is exactly how i felt! And of course i want to try more of the brand's products as they made a great impression!

I want to thank once again Coolbrandz and Montagne Jeunesse for giving me the possibility to use those products and i will say to you what i said to my friends : if you want a terrific spa experience run to the store and get yourself a Montagne Jeunesse mask for that Wow feeling!


  1. I love these masks, great review :)