Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Clinique 3 Step Skin Care System

My beautiful followers Happy New Year! 

My best wishes for health and happiness goes to all of you!!! And i know i was a bit late to write them but those are good wishes and are always welcome!I hope you had all fun the days of holidays and enjoyed every single moment!

My first post for 2014 will be about a skin care product combination started just before 2013 leaves...The Clinique 3 Step Skin Care System which i have been using almost everyday the last 3 weeks and i have to admit it just made the difference!

As you have noticed from previous posts i have a bit of a crisis regarding my face skin...It drives me crazy everyday and it just started having more needs than before...I have established a cleansing routine that i normally use in the evenings but i wanted something more. So i went to Sephora, straight to Clinique since i really like their products and they are really friendly to my skin and asked for advice.  And there the Clinique expert introduced me to the well known 3 Step Skin Care program which i took home for everyday use.

I used a long time ago the moisturizing lotion by itself but this time the whole set seemed necessary...

I started with buying the package of all 3 products in small size, since i wanted first to see if they are working for me and then consider buying the bigger bottles (they are more expensive). The 3 Step Skin Care kit consists of :

1) Liquid Facial Soap Mild (50 ml)
2) Clarifying Lotion (100ml)
3) Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion (30ml).

The way i use them is really simple and has 3 steps :

Step 1 : I apply the liquid facial soap in wet face (i remove the makeup beforehand), massage the whole face area (avoid eyes) and clean with water. It is a very mild soap that cleans my skin from any residues and leaves it fresh.

Step 2 : I dry my face with a towel, add the clarifying lotion in cotton pad and apply with vertical moves all over my face, avoiding again the eye area. I enjoy the refreshing feeling that i get immediately in my face and i feel my skin firm. All dead cells are gone and the skin is ready for moisturize.

 Step 3 : I just apply the moisturizing lotion and i am done. And the good thing is that i can use it also in the eye area so i don't have to apply a different cream at that point.

I use it once per day in the morning before my makeup procedure and i have to admit that it already did miracles. My skin is well moisturized, since the moisturizing lotion is fully absorbed. My primer and foundation are easily applied afterwards and the whole makeup looks better and fresh. And they are so light and mild that i don't feel anything all day.

You can use it twice per day, as the kit recommends, but for me once works perfectly fine! Also you can find the products for all different skin types. I took the dry combination skin series as with the cold my skin feels dry a lot. What i saw is that pores are opened, skin got back steadily its glow and all in all i look less tired and pale even after 3 weeks.

Once the products are finished (it will take a while since the amount is sufficient enough) i will definately go buy them again and this time in the bigger bottles so that i have for a long time!It became one of my favorite treatments and i recommend to try it!

Have you tried this 3 Step Skin Care by Clinique and what do you think? I will wait to hear your stories!

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