Monday, January 27, 2014

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

Today's post is going to be a quick look at one of my sales purchase here in Switzerland. I always liked Bourjois and their products so when i saw that their Healthy Mix Fond de Teint is on sale (that is 7 CHF) i couldn't do anything else rather than buy it! It has been a friend's favorite product for a while so i wanted to try it and see how it will fit in my skin.

First let's have a look at the product composition. The Health Mix Foundation is enriched with 4 different natural ingredients: 

1) Apricot for radiance
2) Melon for hydration
3) Apple as an anti-oxidant
4) Ginger for energy

Those together promise a glowing and toned skin, a boost of radiance and of course great coverage for around 16 hours, something that i guess most of us really appreciate. 

 I have tried it for a couple of days now and i must admit that i have mixed feeling about it. On the pros, for me it has a great and fresh smell that normaly i don't find in foundations and a nice creamy texture. It blends easily with a sponge, brush or fingers and it feels light on the skin. Also the shadow i used (number 52, Vanilla) fits perfectly to my skin tone and it makes my face look natural and without any glow. And if we talk about the packaging and applicator is just really not complex and convenient!

On the cons now, i found that it doesn't provide me great coverage, unless i use a bit more than i usually do with my other foundations and the duration of 16 hours didn't really apply for my skin. It's not that it goes off but i can see that it fades a bit after 10-12 hours even with my primer under it.

I definately will continue using it and the pros are more than cons but i just decided to have it for during  the day and for light make up...On top of it, i also apply a powder so that i get the perfect coverage without having to use a lot every time.

So that was my idea for Healthy Mix Foundation from Bourjois. Have you tried this product and what did you think? Will be waiting for your opinion!


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