Saturday, December 21, 2013

Valeur Absolue, a mathematical term in the world of beauty

If you search in the internet about the term "valeur absolue" (absolute value in english) you will find out that is connected to mathematics and numbers and all that you might wonder what a beauty post has to do with that? 

In the world of beauty Valeur Absolue is the term for something "more than perfumes", exceptional fragrances that will steal your heart and mind. The brand was created by women for women and they not only aim to make us smell nice but also to make us feel exceptional!If you need more information about their story do visit the Valeu Absolue website and get to know them better.

The brand consists of three different fragrances, Joie-Eclat, Harmonie and Sensualite' and Coolbrandz was kind enough to send me the small packages of all three to try them. So here i will share with you my experience and how i feel about those parfumes. Let's start!

Those fragrances trigger your senses visually and by their smell...small bottles full of liquid, pearls and stones together with a very distinct and unique scent for each fragrance make it more appealling to use from the beggining. As i already mentioned there are three different fragrances so i thing is better to meet each one separately.


 Let me try to create a picture for Valeur Absolue Sensualite...Imagine you, wearing your favorite black dress, your high heels, having the perfect make up and red lipstick on, great hair and confidence up to the sky...Going out for a drink with your best friend, feeling at your best, more feminine and secure than ever...Feeling ready to have fun, enjoy the night, show your feminine side, flirt and maybe fall in love but always secure for you and how you look, how you feel that night...This is what is hidden in that little fragrance, the feminine and sexy, confident side of every woman...

The flowers, Rose de Maiand and Sambac Jasmine meet cedarwood, amber and musk and the fine scent is formed. And in the bottom of the bottle Mother-of-pearl combine everything into an intoxicating fragrance, the one that will make you feel confident and feminine...the one that will let the others see the real woman in you, the perfect one that you are! 


 When you smell Valeur Absolue Harmonie you feel free...You let go of the stress, the every day life obligations and whatever makes you feel tense. It reminds you of those days when you decide you will be by your own and pamper yourself a bit...A morning walk in the city you live, a bit of shopping in your favorite stores, drinking coffee in that small cafe' you like and then back home, cooking your meal while dancing in your favorite songs, taking a long bath and then watching the most romantic movie with a glass of wine...And in the end falling asleep and feeling that tomorrow you can still stay like that, relaxed, in total harmonie with yourself ready to accomplish everything...That feeling with only just two drops of Valeur Absolue Harmonie.

A blend of Sicilian beramot, orange peels, cardamon, nutmeg, some neroli and jasmin flowers, a touch of Earl Grey tea, vanilla, musk and Gaiac wood give this fragrance a very elegant and soothing scent. The addition of semi-precious amethyst stones visible in the bottle just bring harmonie and pleasure to eyes and nose immediately.

Joie - Eclat 

 Last but not least in the series of Valeur Absolue fragrances is the Joie-Eclat and as the french name says is Joy and Shine all in one. It reflects your every day achievements and happy moments, from the smallest one (not tearing your leggings a whole day) to the biggest one (for example a success at work), whatever makes you happy and completes you. The feeling of joy you have when you spend time with your friends, when you see your family been fine and healthy, when you make even a small achievement at work and your boss says "well done", when your other half takes you in his arms and makes you feel secure...All those feelings you can embrace them with a bit of Joie-Eclat...

To blame for this joyfull feeling is notes of grapefruit, mandarin and cardamon together with tuberose, white jasmin and Cypress leaves from Italy. Add a bit of vetiver and white wood scent and then you are full of happy thoughts and feelings of joy. And of course the encapsulated diamond powder swimming in the bottle just makes the fragrance and you shine!

It is difficult to choose one of them, since there are all unique and i used them depending on my mood. However, if i have to just name one i would say that for me Joie - Eclat just stole my heart.

All the fragrances from Valeur Absolue have given me a new perspective regarding the fragrances i want to wear from now on and they have triggered my senses, getting them to a totally new level. For that i want to thank once again Coolbrandz and Valeur Absolue since they were the ones introducing me to this products and experience. If you want to purchase those products or know about the new ones the brand will launch you can do it throught their website or follow them on Facebook.

Hope i gave you a nice picture for the Valeur Absolue fragrances and you also decide to get to know them soon. If you have come across the let me know what you think!

Merry Christmas my dears!


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