Sunday, December 15, 2013

Review Clarisonic Plus skin's best friend!

Some weeks ago i received my first package from Coolbrandz to try a product for facial and body care and today i am presenting to you my adventures with the Clarisonic Plus! Before i dive into explaining the product just to give you some infos about Coolbrandz!

Coolbrandz is a Swiss based platform, dedicated to the Swiss market as far as products, events, services, places and whatever else you can think of, that gives the opportunity to those living in Switzerland to try several products (or attend events or places) and share their opinion through media! Real customers who will say their sincere opinion is a good way of marketing and companies know whether their product might be a huge success or failure to the target group they are aiming for. I am far from been an expert on these things but i find it a really interesting and innovative approach! If you want to learn more do visit the great website of Coolbrandz and you will find more information!

On our main topic now...The first thing i got the chance to try from Coolbrandz is the Clarisonic Plus Face and Body Sonic Cleansing, a device that according to the company promise you "a total face and body experience for clean and beautiful skin'' and that uses a sonic technology with over 300 movements per second.

The timing for receiving Clarisonic Plus couldn't be better. I was looking for something new in my everyday routine and have been trying new cleansing solutions the last months. My skin is going through a rough time and i also started worrying too much about all the changes happening due to cold, stress, age (oh noooo) and been constantly tired. So when i saw the package i couldn't be more excited and couldn't wait to try it!

The package consists of : 

1) Clarisonic Plus Handle device in a cute and girly pink colour
2) Charging base
3) Body Brush Head
4) Face Brush Head
5) Body Cleanser
6) Face Cleanser
7) a booklet for instructions in several different languages

Once i read the instructions and let the device charge completely (took almost 24 hours) then i was ready to try it. For handling the device and changing programs there are audible and visible indications all written in the instruction booklet, so it makes it easier to understand how it works!

The first time i started with the recommended program (20 sec forhead, 20 sec nose/chin and 10 sec per cheek) and the lowest speed of the brush. I wet my face with water, applied the face cleanser provided with the kit in the brush (the smell is really good) and then press start. I didn't press too hard the brush in my skin and i was moving in small circles the device. The brush doesn't hurt the skin and is so smooth that i didn't even noticed it was moving.

 ClarisonicPlus with face brush

The next days i kept using Clarisonic Plus with my Kiehl's everyday cleanser and once per week with my face scrub. The speed of the brush was changed depending on my needs but even if you go up to highest speed it is still really gentle and cannot harm your skin. 

For the body i used it 4 times with the body cleanser provided as well as with my own scrubs and it was an amazing feeling. The positive is that you can have it in the shower since the device is waterproof!

 ClarisonicPlus with body brush

My general opinion after all the use so far? I don't understand why i didn't have Clarisonic Plus in my everyday face routine and for body scrubbing earlier. The skin is perfect after every use, all make up is removed and it feels fresh, soft and really really clean! Using it almost everyday has already improved my skin's texture and roughness that i have the last months and reduced the appearance of small spots due to not good cleaning. Also it is radiant, better that it ever looked during winter.And for the body, it did miracles to the rough parts of the skin like feet and elbows whereas it was really relaxing using it to my whole body after a rough day!

And if you want here are the most important informations for Clarisonic Plus :
  • easy to use device, with clear information in the booklet 
  • different length of programmes and speeds meeting everybody's needs
  • audible and visible guides for changing time and speed
  • gentle brushes that are soft and don't harm the skin
  • face and body cleansers provided for some uses, but too gentle for my skin 
  • can be used with every cleanser or scrub
  • fast procedure to clean the face, not time consuming to use it
  • face clean, make up free, soft and radiant from first use 
  • good for body scrub and to deal with rough parts (in the summer will be even more important)
I would highly recommend the product to all of you caring for your skin and beauty! Only 60 seconds per day are enough to make you and your skin feel better! I want to thank once again Coolbrandz and Clarisonic for the chance to try the product and for giving me this new experience in face and body cleansing!


  1. Ooooooooooooo I really want to try it out, thanks for the review x

    1. Thanks for stopping by! And hope you get the clarisonic,it is great!