Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser

The last weeks i have been woring about my face skin, a little bit more than usual. The cold made it more dry, the spots have been multiplying and my skin looks for some reason pale (maybe i need holidays to relax!). So i decided to take some drastic measures to bring it back! Of course drinking more water, sleeping a bit more and eating well makes a difference but a good cleanser will definately help. For that i payed a visit to Kiehl's and bought one of their popular face products the Ultra Facial Cleanser for all skin types.

I continued my everyday face cleaning routine and used it after removing my make up and i have to say that those 2 weeks of using it every night i saw great results. The products consists of several ingredients, among them Vitamin E and Avocado Oil, both of them working as moisturizers and skin care agents. I only use a small amount and i apply it in my face, spreading it all over. Afterwards, i wash it off with plenty of water. The smell is really fine and not strong and my skin feels every day better and better. Any residues of make up are removed and it is soft and hydrated. Also i got less spots after 2 weeks and i feel it much better! 

It is a really good product, making your face and skin better instantly and giving it back the glow that is gone during winter! I would totally recommend to try it and is in my favorite list from now on!

Do you know Kiehl's and their products? Have you tried this or any other? Waiting for your opinions! 


  1. My grandmother used to say Keihl's had the best products. She had amazing taste so I believe it. I haven't gotten around to trying anything by them yet, but this sounds great. My skin has been getting extra dry this winter.


    1. She was true! I found them really good products and i have tried several! This one is really nice and my skin is just great now! :)