Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Benefit Make up Kit : How to Look the Best at Everything

Hello dear followers,

hope you are having a great time during holidays! I have been a bit absent since i am currently back home in Greece and don't spend so much time in my computer. I eat, drink, sleep, go out with friends and enjoy the days away from work! I also shop a lot here (what a surprise) and i have been trying some new things on makeup so i though i share with you my latest purchase as the last post for 2013!

I was looking to buy something from Benefit Cosmetics during my visit in my hometown's Sephora when my eye got stuck in this nice kit...the "How to look the best at everything" flawless complexion makeup kit! And since it has several different products from the company that i wanted to try and it was on 35% discount and the packaging looks so cute i went for it!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Valeur Absolue, a mathematical term in the world of beauty

If you search in the internet about the term "valeur absolue" (absolute value in english) you will find out that is connected to mathematics and numbers and all that stuff...so you might wonder what a beauty post has to do with that? 

In the world of beauty Valeur Absolue is the term for something "more than perfumes", exceptional fragrances that will steal your heart and mind. The brand was created by women for women and they not only aim to make us smell nice but also to make us feel exceptional!If you need more information about their story do visit the Valeu Absolue website and get to know them better.

The brand consists of three different fragrances, Joie-Eclat, Harmonie and Sensualite' and Coolbrandz was kind enough to send me the small packages of all three to try them. So here i will share with you my experience and how i feel about those parfumes. Let's start!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Review Clarisonic Plus skin's best friend!

Some weeks ago i received my first package from Coolbrandz to try a product for facial and body care and today i am presenting to you my adventures with the Clarisonic Plus! Before i dive into explaining the product just to give you some infos about Coolbrandz!

Coolbrandz is a Swiss based platform, dedicated to the Swiss market as far as products, events, services, places and whatever else you can think of, that gives the opportunity to those living in Switzerland to try several products (or attend events or places) and share their opinion through media! Real customers who will say their sincere opinion is a good way of marketing and companies know whether their product might be a huge success or failure to the target group they are aiming for. I am far from been an expert on these things but i find it a really interesting and innovative approach! If you want to learn more do visit the great website of Coolbrandz and you will find more information!

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser

The last weeks i have been woring about my face skin, a little bit more than usual. The cold made it more dry, the spots have been multiplying and my skin looks for some reason pale (maybe i need holidays to relax!). So i decided to take some drastic measures to bring it back! Of course drinking more water, sleeping a bit more and eating well makes a difference but a good cleanser will definately help. For that i payed a visit to Kiehl's and bought one of their popular face products the Ultra Facial Cleanser for all skin types.