Friday, November 08, 2013

Yves Rocher Face Peeling and Face Mask

I am a fan of cosmetics that are based on natural ingredients and while living in Greece my needs were covered by Apivita and Body Shop. I still bring back a lot of products from Apivita when i go back home but sometimes i run out fast. As for Body Shop i still find them here! When i moved to Zurich i had to find a company like Apivita to cover the spot and this was Yves Rocher! I use a lot of their products and i find them great so today i though i share my opinion for two face care products that i constantly use! 

Meet the Apricot Face Peeling and the Pomegranate 3 Minutes Face Mask!

The Apricot Peeling is making wonders to my skin. I use it almost 2 times per week after i cleaned my face from all the makeup. It has a nice fruity smell, small granules that help you scrub the face and it can be spread easily. I rinse it with a lot of water and I really like the feeling of my skin after every use, clean, refreshed and relaxed! 

As for the 3 Minute Mask with pomengrate i consider it one of my favourites. Rich, gel texture, easy to apply in the face and neck and only takes 3 minutes to work. The smell is refreshing and the skin feels just great afterwards. 

Both products come on a 50ml packaging which is convenient to have with you while travelling. They are dermatologically tested and haven't caused me any allergy problems on my skin, something important for me that i easily get red spots in my skin when a natural product causes me allergic reaction (not pleasant at all). Also they come in really good price and you can find them in several shops of Yves Rocher in the world or through the internet (i think that in Greece is still like that). 

I totally recommend you those two products and as you will see in the posts to come i always have an Yves Rocher product somewhere around since they are really high on my "loving that brand" list!

Have you ever tried those products or others from Yves Rocher and what do you think?

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